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Manga Review: Puppy Love by Tsuchida Haru.


Inukai works at a company where he’s exploited and unappreciated, but one day he stops at a pet shop and meets a gentle clerk named Hoshi. Playing with cute dogs and the soothing conversation with Hoshi makes Inukai decide to quit his job and change his life situation so he can have a dog of his own.

A memory comes to Hoshi suddenly, and he blurts out, “I’m the reincarnation of a dog you helped when you were a boy!”

A fluffy love story between a mysterious pet shop clerk and a mistreated corporate drone!





A cute manga story about two guys who meet and become friends, and eventually lovers. They have to get over the challenges of demanding workplaces, scary bosses, and the echoes of a past life before they can be together.

The artwork is lovely and it is such a cute story with a cute puppy starting in the main role. If you like low-angst romantic BL manga then this is one for you. It is an enjoyable story and definitely, one to re-read and hold onto when cheering up is needed.

I enjoyed how the two guys slowly but surely traveled the path of friendship to love. It is a gentle and romantic story and well worth reading. Enjoyable!

My rating: 4/5 stars.



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