Caraval ( Caraval #1) by Stephanie Garber Recap.


Scarlett has written the Caraval grandmaster for years. He responds offering her three tickets just as she’s engaged to be married. She takes the tickets to her sister Donatella and finds her with a sailor named Julian. Their father believes Scarlett has been with the sailor and punishes Donatella for it.

Julian will sail them to Caraval for free. If they want to go, they should meet him at dawn.

Another letter arrives. Both sisters are invited to live at the Count’s mansion once they’re married.

The sisters argue because Scarlett thinks they should skip the Caraval because her marriage will get them off the island.

Scarlett calls a secret meeting with Julian on the beach. Her father drowned her friend Felipe here and threatened to do the same thing to Donatella. Scarlett offers her three Caraval tickets if Julian will sail away without Donatella. But Donatella is there. They drug Scarlett.

Scarlett dreams about their grandmother telling them about the Caraval master, Legend. He fell for Annalise, the one girl he couldn’t have. Legend thought you could have your one greatest wish with the help of magic. He asked to have the best troupe of actors. He thought this would win Annalise over, but he was wrong.

Scarlett awakes in a raft with Julian. He says Donatella will be on the island with them. She made it look like Scarlett was kidnapped so she can still marry her Count.

The boat takes on water. They swim for shore. Scarlett’s dress and corset weigh her down. Julian cuts them away so she can make it.

The only thing open in town is a clock shop. They find clothes, food, and a note to Scarlett from Legend.

A man opens a portal in one of the clocks, a shortcut into Caraval. Julian tells her not everyone in Caraval is what they seem and won’t take it. He leaves while Scarlett’s still trying to decide. She declines but sees Donatella as the door closes.

Scarlett finds Julian. At the Serpiente House, Julian acts like he’s Scarlett’s fiancé and says Legend gave them special tickets. The girl who takes their tickets reminds them it’s just a game.

Scarlett asks Julian why he lied. He says what happens on the island stays on the island. He knows because he’s played the game before.

They enter a large balcony. Scarlett doesn’t understand how this village fits in the house. Julian says it’s a big theater. They’re watching from above.

A boy enters and tells them they’ll be solving a mystery. He says they cannot get too caught up in the game or they could go mad or be killed. They sign a contract in blood.

They must make it to the Serpiente before dawn because the doors lock. Participants can only be out at night. They arrive at the hotel just in time. Julian is trapped outside. Scarlett convinces the innkeeper to re-open the door. They pull Julian inside just before dawn breaks.

Scarlett asks if Donatella checked in. The lady cannot say who the other guests are.

Julian appears in Scarlett’s room. He begins to undress and get into bed. Scarlett says it will ruin her reputation if anybody finds out they spent the night together. She will get another room.

Julian tosses her an envelope, presumably their first clue. Inside is a green key with ‘Donatella’ on it. Scarlett goes to the room and calls for Donatella, who tells her not to enter. A young man’s in the room with her.

Scarlett falls asleep in the hallway. Dante and Valentina wake her. Dante offers his room to Scarlett. He can sleep in his sister’s room. He invites Scarlett to dinner the next day. She says no because of the ruse with Julian.

The next morning, Donatella’s room has been ransacked. Other contestants steal her belongings and look for clues. A man grabs red earrings that were Scarlett’s. She chases him. She leaves everything she has gathered with a pregnant woman. She returns without the earrings. Everyone’s gone.

Julian tells her this is part of the game: people try to sell items from Caraval. Scarlett just wants to get her sister out of here. Julian says to do so she needs to win the game. There’s more to the message on the key’s ticket. The second clue can be found in Donatella’s room. There will be three more. Scarlett needs to stay longer than one day.

Julian and Scarlett form a shaky partnership. The next clue is a picture card. Dante appears. Julian hears a male voice and is protective of Scarlett. When ‘fiancé’ is mentioned, Dante leaves quickly. Julian tells Scarlett to be careful. Dante won the last game he played, but it cost him. He thinks Dante’s back to win again and use the wish to right his life.

They want to go to the palace pictured on the playing card. The grounds have all kinds of wonders. Scarlett goes to the fortuneteller to check their future for Donatella. The man offers to tell her future each time she answers a question truthfully.

The first question is what she thinks about Julian. She says he’s the most attractive man she’s ever seen but he’s dodgy and devious. He tells her she gets two questions in return. She only gets one question asked. She should be asking about her sister, but she asks whether the Count is truthful and good. The fortuneteller says he is neither but there’s a chance he could end up good.

Scarlett begs him for another clue. The fortuneteller says to follow the boy with the heart. When she emerges outside, she doesn’t see Julian.

Scarlett enters a tent filled with magical potions. The proprietor sprays a solution to help her find the potion she needs the most. She’s drawn to one that says ‘protection.’ Scarlett can have it in exchange for her greatest fear. It’s her father.

She gets the potion and thinks she sees Julian outside. She follows him and ends up in a little garden with a wishing well. She notices a button in the well with the Caraval symbol on it. She pushes it, the water drains, and a staircase appears.

Scarlett climbs down. She hears someone scream and sees someone being tied up. She hears a male scream but convinces herself it’s not Julian. She reminds herself it’s just a game.

Julian isn’t back at the hotel. Then he stumbles in bleeding. Scarlett cleans his wounds. He drops the red earrings into her hand. She can’t believe he retrieved them.

She tells him about the tunnels below the castle and asks if he thinks Donatella is there. He says Legend doesn’t work that way. Scarlett asks why Donatella is a prisoner. Julian says she’s starting to ask the right questions.

He sways as if he’s going to pass out. Scarlett rushes to hold him up. She thinks he’s going to kiss her. She wants him to but feels guilty for it.

The door blows open, bringing in two giggling girls and Dante. She notices his pushed up sleeves and a black heart tattoo on his arm. Scarlett follows him as he heads back out. She loses him quickly and wanders, encountering a boy selling burnt sugar cider in return for her most recent lie. It will make her see things as they should be. After she drinks it, Caraval’s colors fade away.

Back at the hotel, Aiko’s journal is the only thing in color. Scarlett and Aiko wander the streets and meet a man with the carousel.

Scarlett sees an attractive man in color. She can’t decide whether to follow him or Aiko. The man disappears. Aiko says she’ll give her a glimpse of the journal. It’s pictures of Scarlett’s Caraval journey. She wonders why this round of Caraval is all about her.

Aiko reports each round of Caraval through pictures. For a price, she’ll show Scarlett the pictures of all the games. Scarlett would love to see Dante, Julian, her grandmother, the lady who died, and Legend.

Scarlett can glimpse the journal if she buys two new dresses in a special shop. One costs her biggest fear. One costs her greatest desire. Or she can purchase each for two days of her life. She decides to answer the questions. Her greatest fear is that something will happen to her sister. Her greatest desire is to get her sister back. The scale weighing her answers doesn’t believe this is the truth. She has to give it two days of her life.

The shop owner says she’ll take the days now. Dante finds her along the way and helps her back to the hotel. His sister has disappeared.

When they make it to her room, Julian punches Dante and takes Scarlett from him. She explains what she’s done. He thinks he can trade one day of his life. He pricks both of their fingers, her tasting his blood and then him tasting hers. Scarlett lies against his chest and dies.

She sees a lot of strange things: Donatella, a younger version of her grandparents (her grandpa calls her grandma Annalise instead of just Anna), and people gossiping about Rosa flinging herself from a roof when her fiancé found her with Legend. She sees the boy who lost his fiancé: Dante. She sees Legend’s face. It’s Julian.

When Scarlett awakes, she feels like she has to get away. Julian’s still dead, so she rushes into the hallway. She sees her father and rushes back into the room. Julian awakes. She has to act like she doesn’t know who Legend made her think he is. She pulls away from him and can see genuine hurt in his eyes. She can sense his emotions in color now like she can sense her own, maybe because they shared blood.

Scarlett sees the man who stole her red earrings and another man with her father. She sees Julian dart into Donatella’s room. When she goes in, he’s not there. She finds a button by the fireplace which reveals a hidden staircase. She follows the sound of footsteps. She sees a severed hand and then Dante’s dead body. Julian’s there.

Scarlett runs. Julian catches her. She accuses him of being Legend. He says Rosa was his sister. He and Dante came back, secretly working together, to avenge her death. She questions him about his other suspicious actions. He finally comes clean. She believes him.

They hear footsteps and run. They end up in a room that shrinks each time they feel fear or discomfort. It gets quite tight until they figure it out and escape.

Scarlett asks Julian how he knew she was getting a ticket. He explains the story of her grandmother and Legend. Legend planned to punish all her heirs and doom their marriages since she broke his heart. This is why Legend would accept her request when she was engaged.

Scarlett thinks she hears her sister screaming. Julian realizes it’s a trick and pulls her back. She asks whether he knew all along that Donatella would be held as part of the game like Rosa was. He knew one of the two of them would be.

Scarlett’s second dress is delivered. It’s a little more scandalous, is wedding-dress white, and has added buttons. The note is signed -D with a top hat picture. There was a button-lined path to a hat shop by the dress shop. This might be the final clue. Julian thinks it seems too easy. Scarlett agrees something’s a little off but has an inkling this is the leap of faith she needs to take.

She thinks the young man wearing a top hat is Legend. He denies it. She realizes who he is: the man she saw the day her vision went black and white. He kisses the back of her hand. Julian is furious. He asks him to stop looking at his fiancé like that. The man is her true fiancé, Count Nicholas Darcy.

Her father enters from a door behind the counter. Scarlett and Julian run out into the pouring rain and are chased through town. Her father looks afraid. They escape in a boat and paddle to a dock at the Castillo.

Scarlett accuses Julian of being jealous in the hat shop. He admits he was. She wants him to share his feelings. He says there’s too much she doesn’t know about him. She’s not scared of his secrets anymore. They kiss.

They head back to the hotel because dawn is approaching. Scarlett thinks the fifth clue might be hidden in the roses. Her father and the Count capture them. Her father cuts one side of Julian’s face. Scarlett begs her father to let Julian go. He says she’ll sleep with the Count as an early wedding present. Scarlett asks the Count if he really wants her under these circumstances. He orders her father to release Julian. He does. Julian begs her not to do this for him. Her father orders him to leave.

The Count takes Scarlett to her room. She uses a hot fire poker to keep him at bay. Then she remembers the protection elixir in the pocket of her dress in the wardrobe. She opens it. Julian falls out. She grabs the elixir and throws it on the Count. She and Julian leave.

Scarlett tries to decipher the fifth clue and considers the phrase leap of faith. She thinks it might apply to a dream she had about Rosa on the balcony. She tells Julian and her suspicions. They decide to go to the balconies.

It’s daytime and Caraval is abandoned and covered in a white fog except the roses around carousel. They’re one of the few things she saw in color when her world was black and white. They look for a staircase hidden there. Scarlett finally finds one hidden among the thorns. A black hole opens in the middle of the carousel.

Scarlett jumps. She feels like she’s in cold water. She ends up by two praying statues. Legend is there. She asks where her sister and Julian are. He asks who she would choose if she could see just one again. She doesn’t answer. Legend is furious. He asks her why she thinks Caraval only happens at night. She can see Donatella if she answers correctly. She says it’s because people will do things in the dark when they think others can’t see.

Legend says Caraval isn’t just a game. The repercussions for what happens here linger. Julian appears. Legend says he and Dante have been working for him all along. He’s surprised she was more drawn to Julian. She asks Julian if the Rosa story is true. It is except Rosa wasn’t his sister.

Scarlett touches the pocket watch Julian gave her before they leapt into the carousel. Legend notices and opens it. A message from Julian sounds. He tells her it isn’t just a game to him. Legend stabs Julian. Scarlett tries to stop the bleeding, but he dies.

Donatella will be killed one hour after sunrise unless Scarlett finds her first. She finds her in a balcony room. She’s glad to see Scarlett because she’s bored. Scarlett tries to convince her to escape. Donatella thinks everything’s fine and Scarlett’s gotten too caught up in the game. She’s says it’s over now.

Scarlett tells her their father is and the Count are there. She shows her the invitation Legend gave her to Donatella’s funeral. It has transformed into an invitation to a Caraval staff party. Donatella wants Scarlett to meet the boy she met here. She’s engaged to him. Scarlett can’t believe her ears. She wants to run but knows Donatella won’t follow her.

The girls change. Donatella’s fiancé Daniel arrives. He’s Legend. Scarlett tells Donatella. She doesn’t believe her. Their father and the Count walk in. Legend admits it himself. Donatella would rather die at the edge of the world than go back to life on Trisda. She jumps off the balcony to her death.

Scarlett turns on her father. She isn’t scared anymore since he can’t hold harming Donatella over her. She says she will tell how he killed Felipe. He’ll never be safe in his own country again. Legend says he’s the one who killed Dante.

Scarlett asks for her wish before she leaves. She knows she’ll choose Donatella, but it’s harder than she ever imagined to not choose Julian. Legend won’t grant the wish after everything that’s happened. She rushes below to try to save her sister with her blood or magic. It doesn’t work.

Scarlett sees a glass box in Donatella’s room that wasn’t there before. It has the Caraval symbol on it. Inside is a letter Donatella wrote a year ago requesting a ticket to Caraval because of their abusive father. Scarlett suddenly realizes this wasn’t all about their grandma. The game might still be going on.

She asks a man to take her to Legend. He’s not really Legend, just an actor. Few of the Caraval actors have met him. He has a few more letters to give Scarlett. He says Donatella managed to catch Legend’s attention. The letters went back and forth with Donatella tempting Legend to be a hero and get the redemption he wanted after Rosa’s death.

Dontella appears and explains how she helped plan this round: leaving tickets for her father and the Count before they left, watching Scarlett play the game, and making Legend promise to take any player out of the game if Scarlett developed feelings for them. She knew how much Scarlett wanted to marry the Count, after all.

Julian is still alive! Scarlett is confused about how much was real and how much was the game. Donatella says the players are given rules but have to improvise as the game progresses. If they die in the game, it’s actual death. They feel it all. But at the end of the game, the magic of Caraval brings them back to life. Scarlett’s relieved Dante’s alive. Julian wasn’t intended to play so long. He was supposed to leave her at the clock shop.

Donatella and Julian were never together; it was part of getting the game started. Scarlett is mortified she fell for a boy she thought her sister liked. Donatella doesn’t care.


It’s time for the party. Scarlett doesn’t feel like going. Donatella says she’s going anyway. It’s rare that non-performers are invited.

Scarlett is nervous to face Julian. A pretty brunette is flirting with him, but he walks to Scarlett as soon as he sees her. He asks her to stop looking at him like she doesn’t know him. He says the actors bring themselves to the roles, so she knows a lot about him. While he can’t say it, Scarlett figures out he’s Legend’s brother. He almost left but came back when his brother said he had a shot at redemption. He wanted Legend to turn around the villainy. He stayed because of Scarlett.

Scarlett notices there’s a scar where her father sliced the side of his face. Even though they resurrect at the end of the game, they retain scars. She realizes she still loves him. They kiss.

Donatella is drunk and dancing with everyone at the party. A man drops a note in her dress pocket and then disappears. It’s signed by “A friend” and says her mother will be proud of how she survived the game. She should be able to see her soon. First, she must keep up her end of their bargain. The writer hopes to collect on it very soon.

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin Recap.

Serpent & Dove

Serpent & Dove is a hate to love story that takes place in a fanciful historical France. There is a war going on between the witches and the church ever since the current monarchy stole the land from the witches and began slaughtering them. Lou and Coco are witches who steal to survive. Lou left her coven because her mother, Morgane, is evil. In comes the tall and handsome stranger. Reid is a chasseur. Chasseurs are witch hunters who are sworn to the church. When Lou and Reid end up in a scuffle, the only way to save Reid’s reputation is for the two to be married. Unbeknownst to him, he just married a witch. The two have a difficult marriage at first, as their morals did not align, but the two soon began to fall in love. Then one day they attend a performance with the archbishop and discover that the archbishop had an affair with Morgane and he is actually her father. The witches begin to attack the city. Reid learns that Lou is a witch and declares that, to him, they are not really married. Lou runs away upset and it captured by her mother. To defeat the current monarchy and reclaim the witches’ land, Lou’s mother plans to sacrifice her heir, then to all of the monarchy’s heirs shall perish. The Madame Labelle, local madam, reveals that she is Reid’s mother and she had an affair with the monarch. If Lou is sacrificed, Reid will die too. Reid, Coco, Ansel, Madame Labelle, and Beau (the king’s heir) travel to the Chateau to get Lou back. To save Lou, Reid had to sacrifice his father and it also revealed that he can see magical patterns like the witches (he saw the thread of life connecting Lou and the archbishop). Reid has magic. At the end of the book, they plan to go into hiding with Coco’s aunt and the blanc witches. The Chasseurs still want to hunt Lou down and kill her before the witches have the chance to finish the sacrifice. This would counter the curse and protect all of the king’s heirs.

Lord of Shadows ( The Dark Artifices ) by Cassandra Clare Review & Recap.


Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Publication Date: 22nd May 2018

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Source: Public Stores

Lord of Shadows was amazing. I loved it so much more than Lady Midnight, I’m so invested in the storyline and the characters ( my blackthorn babies )…I’m so glad I decided to get the paperback edition so I would be able to buy Queen of Air and Darkness also. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

One thing I’ve always appreciated about Cassandra Clare’s books is how layered they are. The first time you read them, they’re just pure entertainment. You laugh, you cry, you sit on the edge of your seat, and you occasionally set the book down so that you can take a moment to compose yourself. But the best part is that once it’s over, you cannot stop thinking about it. Whether you’re coming up wit crazy theories, scouring the book for references to Cassie’s other series, or just calmly reflecting on all the philosophical questions ad subtle references to the real world issues contained within the 700 pages you just read. Or maybe that last one’s just me.

Lord of Shadows was no exception to this rule. In this second installment of the Dark Artifices trilogy, Cassandra Clare wove together a beautiful masterpiece that continued the story laid out in Lady Midnight, set up the upcoming The Last Hours series, and stood out on its own at the same time. Diehard fans will not be disappointed.

This is the biggest book Cassandra Clare has written yet, but it doesn’t read like it. The plot is engaging, the characters are as dynamic as ever, and the appearances of characters from other Shadowhunter series are exciting without taking away from the story. It’s the kind of book you can’t stop reading, partly because you want answers to all your questions, and partly because you don’t want to leave the world.

In other words, Lord of Shadows is a typical Shadowhunter novel, except a bit darker, and a bit more daring. It’s similar enough to the other books to satisfy long term fans, but different enough to keep everything new and interesting. If you’re a fan of Cassandra Clare’s writing, I don’t know why you wouldn’t pick it up.

The book begins with Kit trying to steal the Shadowhunter bling. Jace shows up and is like, nah dude you’re a Herondale.

Emma, Julian, and co are at the pier fighting sea monsters. There is romantic tension and ichor everywhere. Emma is pretending to date Mark and Julian is not a fan. They are summoned back to the Institute where they discuss sea monsters and secret missions with Clary and Jace. Clary secretly tells Emma she’s had visions of herself dying, so she can’t agree to marry Jace. Excuse me?? ( I’m so shocked but I understand where Clary is coming from).

Julian and Kit go to the Shadow Market to find something for Arthur’s faerie-induced madness. It doesn’t go well for anyone. Meanwhile, the others explore the burnt-out warlock Malcom’s house, where they find a faerie glove and a tentacle. It’s probably important.

The Centurions arrive at the Institute to “take care of the sea demons” like Julian and Emma need their help! Perfect Diego has a secret fiancé! Rude! Ty think Zara and the Centurions are up to something (samesies) and makes a tentative peace with Kit so he will stop trying to run off.

Despite Emma trying desperately to keep away from Julian, the two of them make out in a storm and it’s beautiful. The leader of the Wild Hunt shows up and wants Mark to rescue Kieran who has been sentenced to death. Everyone says NO WAY but Mark sneaks off to do just that. Emma, Julian, and Christina follow him to the Unseelie court. They find Kieran and demand he be freed. The Lord of Shadows aka the faerie king himself allows Emma to fight his best warrior in one-on-one combat for Kieran’s life. She wins even though the fairies have tricked her into seeing her dead father’s face on the other warrior. ( For a moment I thought that Cassie’s was making her father to be alive all this time and being captive by the Unseelie King. THANK GOD it was just a glamour ). Chaos ensues but they escape with some help from the Seelie court.

Back in the human world, Ty, Livvy, and Kit overhear Zara’s plans to overtake the LA Institute. Sea demons attack and a waterlogged (not dead!) Malcom shows up demanding Blackthorn blood. Diana spirits the kids away to London but Arthur stays behind.

In the Seelie court, the queen shows Julian a vision of Arthur sacrificing himself to Malcom who then promptly resurrects Annabel. Annabel straight-up stabs Malcom. He dies for real. After they watch this gruesome scene, the queen tells Julian of a way to end the parabatai bond (so love can prevail!). The queen also bargains that if they bring her the Book of the Dead, she’ll help them against the Unseelie King. Julian, Mark, Emma, Christina, and Kieran (my fab 5) fly away from Faerie land on some awesome Wild Hunt horses.

Everyone is reunited in London. But they quickly part for further adventures and/or detective work. Julian and Emma head to Malcom’s old house. Cristina has to stay behind because she has been bound to Mark through a Faerie prank. Kieren isn’t into it. Or is he?? Diana is off to Idris to barter for warm peace. Ty, Livvy, and Kit head to investigate Blackthorn Hall.

At Malcom’s old house, Julian and Emma discover sketches by Annabel and Malcom’s old diaries. Annabel appears and tells Julian the Unseelie king gave Malcom the ability to raise her. She’s not happy about it and no, Julian can’t have the book. J&E (Jemma? Carhorns? What is their ship name?) capture some piskies to find out where she went- Porthollow Church. But it’s a trap! They battle a blood demon. There’s more blood everywhere.

At Blackthorn Hall, the kids discover a memory stone. They go to the Shadow Market and a warlock named Shade shows them how to reveal memories of Annabel, tortured for loving Malcom. The Downworlders attack them but Magnus shows up and saves them (YAY MAGNUS!). Livvy is injured but they escape and she is healed. Alec and the kiddos (aww) are at the London Institute and together they research all the things.

Cristina and Kieran and Mark have a moment. We get major 3some vibes (later Emma calls this “sexy weirdness” cuz she is getting the vibes too). Kiernan goes to meet with this brother and kills his other brother. It’s not good even though that guy was such a jerk. Kieran learns that the Unseelie King has sent the 7 Riders of Mannan after them all. Danger!!!

The kids fight off the Riders- Gwen (of the Wild Hunt) and Diana (they’re sort of dating, it’s adorable) show up to help and they escape. Meanwhile J&E fight off the other half of the Riders and Emma kills one with Cortana. It seems important and mysterious. High on feelings, Emma and Julian confess they still love each other and things get STEAMY. Julian reveals that the Seelie queen said there was a way to break the parabatai bond but it would break ALL the parabatai bonds and they can’t do that!

Back at the London Institute, Dru discovers Jamie lurking around. She arranges a meeting between him and Cristina and he says she has a secret artifact that might allow passage to Faerie. Dru has a weird trip to Faerie picking up a stone in Jamie’s bag.

In Idris, Diana confesses she is transgender to Gwen. He’s totally cool with it. They have a hot date but discover an anti-Shadowhunter blight taking over the land.

Everyone is reunited back at the London Institute. The Unseelie King is accidentally called on some sort of supernatural telephone and gives Kieren his memories back. Kieren is pissed and thinks Mark has been using him this whole time. Julian real-talks with Magnus who says he and Emma should take their love problem to the High Inquisitor aka Alec’s dad.

The Riders show up at the Institute and a battle ensues. Our fave Shadowhunters are nearly beat when Annabel appears and threatens to tell everyone the Unseelie King’s name. The Riders disperse. Annabel demands an audience with Julian. The two of them hatch a deal and everyone portals to Alicante in Idris.

Magnus falls ill before Annabel’s testimony begins and it all goes downhill from there. Zara and her hate friends throw stuff at Annabel as she is forced to testify with the Mortal Sword. She gets upset and kills the Inquisitor with the sword (poor Alec!). A fight breaks out and Emma’s sword Cortana breaks the Mortal Sword. Enraged, Annabel kills Livvy. The books end with ALL OF MY TEARS.

My rating is 5/5 stars.


Restore Me (Shatter Me #4) by Tahereh Mafi Recap.


It is 16 days since Juliette killed Anderson and declared herself Supreme Commander of North America. Warner is still largely running Sector 45 with the help of his grandfather, Delalieu. He is also trying to get to know Juliette’s friends. Castle is strategizing, and on his advice, Juliette has invited the Supreme Commanders of the other landmasses to a conference. Only Eurasia has accepted.

Castle tells Juliette he is concerned with the wording on the acceptance which suggests they already know the person they are coming to see. He says he did not expect any of the Commanders to accept.

Delalieu seems to have been the conduit that the invites were issued through. He tells Warner that the Supreme Commanders will not speak to Juliette until they have spoken to Warner. Except for Ibrahim, Supreme Commander of Eurasia, whose children are already en route.

It is revealed in Warner’s thoughts that his father and the other leaders were all friends for many years. He hung out with the other leaders’ children and knows them well. He is not happy that they are coming. He wonders what they will tell Juliette about his past.

Meanwhile, Juliette remembers that Anderson asked if Warner told her what he had to do to become the commander of Sector 45. He said Warner should tell her himself. Castle also said there were things Warner should tell Juliette about himself. Kenji tells Juliette that he and Castle kept extensive files on Anderson and Warner and that she doesn’t really know Warner’s past.

Juliette admits to Kenji and to herself that she doesn’t really know how to lead. She is drowning in paperwork and red tape from all of the North American Sectors, of which there are 555. Everyone sends in a report each day, plus other requests. Juliette didn’t even finish High School.

Adam approaches Warner. He is messed up by grieving his father despite the abuse. Warner admits he feels the same. Adam has not told James that Warner is his brother because he lied to him about his parents. He did not know Anderson and thinks his parents died in a plane crash.

Adam admits that he thought if Warner found out they were brothers, he would try to kill him. He was worried if he died, James would die too. He took the stress out on Juliette and now feels he deserved her anger.

Warner cannot read Adam’s emotions the way he can other people. It throws him off stride.

Kenji tells Juliette that when he was seven, someone used his dad’s gun on him and Kenji’s mom in a race-related killing. Kenji witnessed it. He was put in an orphanage. When Castle found him he, was eight years old and living on the street.

Haider Ibrahim, son of the Supreme Commander of Eurasia arrives. Against Castle’s advice, Juliette goes in alone to see him.

Meanwhile, Warner is making aerial rounds of the sector and thinking about his childhood. When he was sixteen Anderson and his friends agreed that their children would shoot each other. Not to kill, but to disable, so they could learn what a bullet felt like. Warner was faster and shot all the other children. Anderson was proud, Warner vomited. He doesn’t want to tell Juliette stories like these.

Castle catches Warner and tells him Haider is here. He doesn’t go into the room as he doesn’t want to undermine Juliette. Castle tells Warner there is a secret about Juliette and her parentage.

Haider seems a little taken aback by how small and young Juliette is. He invites himself for dinner.

Warner tells Juliette and Kenji that Haider is arrogant but insecure, and an ace sniper. He says he’d be more worried if Haider’s sister came. He says the sister is quiet and a flighty thinker who he can’t get a read on.

At dinner, Haider’s sister, Nazeera, joins them.

Nazeera is wearing a headscarf which shocks Warner as this is a leftover of a banned religion. It is considered an act of rebellion. Kenji pursues the subject asking how a Supreme Commander’s daughter can break this law. Nazeera says she doesn’t care and she leaves the room. Haider is embarrassed by her behavior and also leaves.

Kenji and Juliette are talking in the corridor afterward when Nazeera appears and says she is lost. Juliette directs her, Kenji tries to apologize but makes Nazeera more angry. Nazeera goes. Kenji admits he has the hots for Nazeera.

Next day, Haider, Nazeera, and Warner join Juliette and Kenji on their walkabout. Haider says that he and Nazeera will attend the North American Continental Symposium which is in two days. He asks if Juliette will attend as Anderson never did. Warner tries to cover for Juliette’s ignorance, but Haider explains that it is meeting of all the Sector leaders in that continent. Juliette says she will be attending.

Haider asks Warner to speak to him alone. In Arabic, Haider accuses Warner of turning his back on them for the sake of a girl. He grabs Warner, and Juliette intervenes, furious. Warner has the impression that Haider and the other children are there to scope out the situation and that the other Supremes are not taking her seriously.

Warner and Haider return to base. Nazeera wants to wander round base. Kenji offers to show her around leaving Juliette alone. She is messing round turning her powers on and off when she is shot in the back. She collapses. She sees birds and believes the bullet is poisoned.

Nazeera appears. She kills the assassin and rushes Juliette to medical help. Warner arrives at the medical wing and accuses Nazeera of arranging the assassination attempt. Juliette comes round and tells him Nazeera saved her.

Castle speaks to Warner. He tells him that the Re-establishment call the gifted people Unnaturals. Juliette had her name changed and was adopted. She has an older sister in her biological family called Emmeline who was extremely powerful with Psychokinesis. Their parents gave them to the Re-establishment for scientific experimentation. Juliette did not seem to be gifted so she had her memory wiped and she was adopted out. The Supremes were aware of the abusive behavior of her adopted parents when her power manifested.

Emmeline was tortured for years. Warner realizes that torturing Emmeline was one of the things Warner had to do to become the leader of Sector 45. He was 16 at the time and desperate to be near his mother.

The Re-establishment looked for other ‘Unnaturals’ and used them to take control of the world.

Castle tells Warner that Emmeline is still alive and so are their parents. He says Juliette’s parents are coming for her. The experiment is over, and they are going to take Juliette back and put her in another facility or kill her. He tells Warner he must tell Juliette everything before she finds out from someone else. He also says he never shared Juliette’s history with Kenji. He also says that the rebellion is much bigger than just Omega Point.

Warner spends the night going through his father’s records and confirming what Castle has told him.

Nazeera visits Juliette in the hospital and tells her everyone is lying to her. Juliette is really out of it and doesn’t respond.

In the morning, Juliette is much better but thinks the sun is very bright when it is actually snowing. They believe there is still poison in her system.

Warner is trying to confess everything to Juliette, but she distracts him with nakedness. Afterward, he finally tells her, and she runs out horrified.

Kenji comes in to find out why Juliette is so upset. He finds Warner naked on the floor having a panic attack. Apparently, he suffers from anxiety! Warner takes too much medication and tells Kenji everything. He also mentions that Juliette is not his first girlfriend. Kenji asks if he has told Juliette that, he says no because she never asked.

Delalieu knocks on the door and says the daughter of the Supreme Commander of Europe has arrived and is livid that she is being kept waiting. Warner tells Kenji, this girl is his ex-girlfriend.

Juliette has run off base into an unregulated area. In a fury of rage and betrayal, she destroys a school bus, accidentally projecting her powers. Nazeera appears. Nazeera can fly.

Nazeera tells Juliette they have met before but won’t say when or where. She tells Juliette that Lena Mishkin, daughter of the Supreme Commander of Europe, was with Warner for TWO YEARS! She was deeply in love with him, but he wasn’t affectionate with her, and he broke her heart. They split up eight months ago.

Nazeera tells Juliette that last year, her father put Haider through some intense training and he became suicidal. Warner was the friend who pulled him through. Haider feels betrayed that Warner has turned his back on them.

Nazeera tells Juliette the Supremes are not just coming to destroy her, they are planning to kill everyone in Sector 45.

Juliette goes back to base and moves into Anderson’s old rooms. She finds his Scotch collection and drinks a glass, neat. She shears off her hair. Kenji and Warner find her drunk. Warner puts her under a cold shower, she invites him to join her, but he doesn’t. He puts her to bed. The next day there are more children of Supreme Commanders to meet. Stephan Feruzi Omondi, son of the African Supreme and twins, Nicolas and Valentina Castillo. Lena introduces and mocks Valentina who is a transexual, born male. There is no representative from Oceania as they have no children.

Warner speaks to Juliette outside the room and apologizes. He tells her he made a mistake not telling her. He doesn’t really know about relationships. He kisses her, and then she runs from him.

They go to the symposium almost all of her supporters go with her. The 554 other sector leaders plus wives and guests turn up. She gives a speech denouncing the Re-Establishment, and someone shoots her in the forehead. The bullet doesn’t penetrate, and she peels it off. More shots are fired. Brendan dies.

Juliette screams, and all 554 Sector leaders plus guests drop dead in a mass of blood. Juliette is lying on the ground in a net of electric wires. Her powers don’t work.

Alia, Lily, and Ian are dead. Castle is hit. Kenji is hit and dragged away.

A woman says to her “you’ve done beautifully.” It’s Juliette’s biological mother. She is with Juliette’s father. She tells her that they have come to take her home. Mum is the Supreme Commander of Oceania.

Cut to Warner’s chapter – the pages are blank.


Juliette wakes up in a child’s bedroom for two. She has electronic cuffs on, preventing her powers. Half the room is pink and half purple. There is a desk with letters inside from Anderson to her parents about her – known then as Ella and Emmeline. There are photos of the two sisters. In some of them, she is with Nazeera and Aaron Warner.

Mum comes in and tells her to come out and have something to eat. She faints.

Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3) by Tahereh Mafi Recap.

ignite me

Juliette returns to consciousness in Warner’s bedroom in the army compound. They talk about their past history. Warner tells Juliette that he never wanted to use her as a weapon. He wanted to study her because his mother suffers intense pain at every touch which seems like the flip-side of Juliette’s gift. Then when he met her he wanted to help her as he had fallen in love with her. He tells her that the soldier he shot in front of her was beating his wife and children. He tells her that the child he used in the experiment that made her so angry was just a simulation and not real. He was trying to jolt her out of the introverted sense of extreme guilt she was carrying.

He tells her that his father has taken Sara and Sonya to the capital. He tells her that Omega Point has been destroyed and its population is all dead. She finds it hard to believe and insists he take her there to see for herself. She resolves to keep fighting the Re-establishment and rescue Sara and Sonya. She makes a deal with Warner that they will join forces and kill his father.

Warner and his servant, Delaleui, smuggle Juliette out of the compound. Warner takes her to Omega Point which is now nothing but a crater in the ground. They see Kenji there. Warner borrows Kenji’s invisibility power without even touching him. Warner allows Juliette to go with Kenji but gives her a panic button so she can call for help.

Kenji tells Juliette that he and Adam saw her get taken from the battlefield. They thought she was being taken to the compound. When they got there they met up with Castle, Ian, Lily, and Alia who had rescued Winston and Brendan. They heard that planes were en route to bomb Omega Point and rushed back. They picked up James about a mile out. He had sneaked out to help fight, and so ironically survived while all the other children and old people left behind in safety died in the bombing. They have been holed up in Adam’s old apartment since.

Juliette tells Kenji that Warner is not the person they all think he is and that he has said he is in love with her. Kenji laughs. He thinks Warner is still toying with her.

They go back to the others. Winston and Brendan have been tortured and are badly hurt. Castle is in a catatonic. Adam is at first delighted and relieved to see Juliette but becomes angry when he senses she has feelings for Warner.

Warner turns up. Juliette announces she is going to fight with Warner against the Re-establishment with or without the others. The others agree to fight with her except for Adam who objects to fighting alongside Warner. Adam storms out. Juliette speaks to Warner in private but she is still confused about her feelings. Adam comes back and loses his temper about them being alone together. He tells Warner to leave.

Juliette stays the night but in the morning there is a big emotional scene between Adam and Juliette. Kenji tries to defend her. Adam insults her and breaks up with her, (though they are already broken up) then tells her to leave. He storms out (again) saying he wants her gone when he gets back.

Juliette presses the panic button.

Warner arrives in record time. He shows obvious concern and affection for Juliette which the others find astonishing but at the same time reassuring. He offers for them to come stay in his private training area on the compound. Reluctantly they agree.

Warner and Juliette leave promising to come back next day.

Back at base Juliette wakes in the night to find Warner trying to put cream on his back scars to lessen them. He tells her they are from when his father whipped him on every birthday. Warner tells Juliette he loves her but she doesn’t say it back because she isn’t sure of her feelings. She thought she was in love with Adam but now doesn’t think she is and doesn’t want to make another mistake. Things become very cold between them.

Warner brings the Omega Pointers back to the base but without Adam and James. Kenji notes that things are noticeably cooler between Warner and Juliette but she won’t tell him why. She says, though, Warner has a right to know that Adam and James are his brothers and that if Adam won’t tell him, she will.

Warner tells them his father is on a ship offshore. Juliette tells them her plan is to take over Sector 45 which will lure him back then she can kill him and replace him with herself. She will then put the world back on track, clean up the environment, etc. She plans to speak To Warner’s army and the citizens and ask them to fight too. The Omega Pointers all agree to follow her.

Later she asks Warner just to be her friend while she works out her feelings. He says he has never had a friend and is not sure he can.

Kenji convinces Adam to bring James and join them at the compound by telling him Juliette is still in love with him and missing him. He wants her to pretend she isn’t attracted to Warner. She is furious, though things are still cold between them and they sleep in separate rooms.

Juliette tells Warner that Adam is coming and that Kenji told him she is still in love with him. Then she tells him she doesn’t love Adam and isn’t attracted to him anymore but is attracted to Warner.

Adam arrives and there is another emotional scene. Juliette tells him she’s not getting back with him and he is ok until she mentions Warner. Then he accuses her of having been cheating with Warner all along and storms off into another room.

Alia designs Juliette a new suit which, when combined with her powers, will make her invincible.

James asks Warner lots of questions like why he calls Juliette “love” and if he’s in love with her (which he doesn’t answer). He asks why Warner has the big house with lots of food and hot water. Warner tells him he works for the the Re-establishment. James is terrified. Warner tells him he is also working with the rebels to defeat the Re-establishment, which is punishable by death. Then Warner gets shaky.

Warner teaches Juliette to fist fight. Kenji and Castle train Juliette to project her powers.

It is Warner’s mother’s birthday. He is apprehensive about seeing her because she may not even know he is there. Juliette tells him she will know and it will make her happy. Juliette asks him about the jade ring he wears. He says his mother gave it to him on his sixth birthday. They were hiding from his father. She told him to hide his heart so it couldn’t be taken from him.

Warner takes Kenji and Juliette out of the compound with him so she can practice outside. Warner is late picking them back up so they go to his mother’s house. His mother has died. Juliette holds him while he falls apart.

When they get back to base, Juliette tells Adam he has to tell Warner they are brothers because Warner needs family. The argument gets nasty, Kenji tries to defend Juliette and Adam grabs Kenji’s hand pushing it against Juliette’s. She doesn’t hurt him. She realizes she has learned to turn the power off and can touch people. She doesn’t have to be with anyone by default just because they are the only people she can touch.

Juliette goes straight to Warner and tells him she loves him and wants him.

In the morning Juliette asks Warner why he trusts Delalieu. He tells her the man is his maternal grandfather but they share no affect.

Juliette’s suit is ready. She addresses the soldiers and asks them to join her. She demonstrates her power for them. The other Omega Pointers appear and do the same. The soldiers cheer their support.

Afterward, the others start asking Juliette questions about the Supreme Commander, what he looks like and why his last name is different to Warner’s, what his first name is. She says she doesn’t know his first name. Adam says it’s Paris. Warner overhears and thinks Adam is a spy sent to kill him. How else could he know the man’s name? It’s a closely guarded secret. Juliette tells him that Adam and James are his brothers.

Warner finally feels a bond with Adam because he knows his father abused him too.


Warner’s father’s ship docks. Anderson is gathering forces from across the country to crush the rebels but he is still on the ship. Kenji and Juliette slip out, invisible, and go to the ship as the others prepare for battle. They get separated so Juliette is visible. Juliette uses her powers to defeat hundreds of soldiers and survive hundreds of bullets. She finds Sara and Sonya who are ok.

She goes after Anderson. He has a superpowered soldier of his own who batters her with pressure waves. She kills the soldier then shoots Anderson dead. Kenji is badly injured. Sara and Sonya heal him but he is unconscious. Juliette carries him off the ship. They steal a tank and head back to base.

Juliette announces to the entire sector that the Supreme Commander is dead and she is in charge now. She goes out onto the battlefield where everyone can see her. They have stopped fighting and they salute and cheer her. Her friends have all survived, including Aaron Warner who stands at her side.

Unravel Me (Shatter Me #2 ) by Tahereh Mafi Recap.


At Omega Point Juliette is not doing well. She has been unable to access her powers. She thinks people have heard about the boy she killed and are afraid of her. She feels they don’t like her.

Juliette is not allowed to see much of Adam. Adam is having tests to find out why he is immune to Juliette’s powers but he won’t tell her how they are going.

Juliette convinces Kenji to take her to the labs where she witnesses Adam’s tests which look very painful. Juliette loses her temper and her power flares cracking the walls and floor. She passes out.

Three days later Juliette wakes up.

Castle explains to Juliette that the powers they all have are called electricum. He explains to her that Adam’s power is to shut down other people’s powers. It happens when he feels threatened. Using it, however, drains him of energy and makes him weak. Adam no longer feels threatened by Juliette so his defense isn’t triggered and he is starting to feel pain from her touch.

Despite Castle’s warnings, Juliette and Adam begin to get intimate. Adam collapses in pain and is hospitalized for days. When he comes out Juliette breaks up with him. They are both devastated.

Kenji gives Juliette a lecture, telling her there are bigger things at stake than her teen romance dramas. The world needs them. Together they work out that Juliette’s powers are triggered when she experiences extreme emotion. Juliette crushes a brick despite having her gloves on and realizes she can never risk being with Adam as she could hurt him without even touching him. She decides to devote herself to the cause.

Kenji includes Juliette in a mission outside Omega Point, to steal food. Whilst outside Juliette sees Warner playing with and feeding a stray dog. He sees her briefly then Kenji hides both of them with his invisibility power.

The mission to steal food from a warehouse is a success and Juliette begins to feel camaraderie with her fellow Omega Pointers, Winston, Brendan, Emory, and Ian.

Castle calls for Kenji, Adam, and Juliette during the night. He tells them the Supreme Commander, Warner’s father is in the Sector. He also tells them Juliette’s four new friends have been taken hostage. They have received a communication that if Juliette goes to a certain place at a certain time they will be released. Kenji and Adam will go with her but remain hidden. Other Omega Point soldiers will be ranged further out.

Before they leave James seeks Juliette out. He is upset that they are supposed to be friends but he had to find out from other people that she killed someone. She tells him everything. They hug and she goes off to her mission.

On the way to the meeting point, in an abandoned housing estate they see one house, still inhabited and well kept.

At the meeting house, Juliette enters and speaks to Warner’s father. He is merciless even with his own son. He criticises Warner for letting her get the better of him. He tells Juliette that Warner begged his father not to kill her. The Supreme Commander tells her his name is Anderson and that Warner refused to use it. Warner is his mother’s last name. His first name is Aaron.

Juliette realizes that Warner was an emotionally abused child. He was trained not to make mistakes, not allowed to show any emotion or affection. He tells Warner to shoot Juliette but Warner points the gun at his father instead. His father mocks him saying he has done this many times but never shot him. He slaps Warner. Juliette loses her temper and chokes Anderson. She drops him to the floor and shoots him once in each leg. Kenji comes in and stops her from killing him. He sedates Warner.

Kenji tells her that they have Ian and Emory back and will trade Warner for the other two soldiers. He says that outside the war has started. Adam comes in and hugs Juliette. When he sees Anderson, though, he is aghast! Anderson is his father too.

They take an unconscious Warner and leave.

The Omega Pointers are fighting with the soldiers of Sector 45 and are vastly outnumbered. A distraction is needed so they can retreat. Juliette uses her power to put massive cracks in the ground under the opposing soldiers.

Juliette, Adam, and Kenji who is still carrying an unconscious Warner, escape in a stolen tank. On the way back Adam tells Kenji and Juliette that his mum and dad were never married. His father loved his mother but was violent and abusive to Adam. He blamed Adam for his mother’s death saying he must have eaten too much of the food and made her weak. After she died he continued to visit for a while but only to be violent. He stopped visiting but still sent money for two years. Then Adam received notification that he was dead. Adam joined the army to support his younger brother, James.

Back at Omega Point, Castle asks Juliette to interrogate Warner. He reasons that she is the best person since Warner can’t touch her and hurt her. Juliette doesn’t tell him that Warner can touch her. She doesn’t want Adam to find out.

Juliette goes to Warner’s locked and guarded room. Warner has her notebook and reads to her from it. He tells her he was deeply moved by it. Juliette is embarrassed.

During another emotional scene in a corridor between Adam and Juliette, Castle walks by with Warner (cuffed). Later Castle comes to her and tells her Warner mentioned he can touch her. He believes Warner is also ‘gifted’ and feels he needs to invite him to join them. He guesses that Warner is in love with her. He asks her to use this to continue the interrogation. She reluctantly agrees. She doesn’t tell Castle that Adam and Warner are brothers.

She goes back to see Warner and finds him asleep wearing only his boxer shorts. His bare back is covered in scars and in the middle of his back is a tattoo of the word IGNITE. She is angry with him for telling Castle that he can touch her. He asks why it matters, if she hates him, then guesses she feels for him. Juliette considers what would happen if people began to think that she too was past redemption. She runs from the room.

After being remonstrated by Castle for not getting information that would help find Winston and Brendan, Juliette hurries to question Warner again. She asks him about his tattoo and he shows her another low on his abdomen that says, HELL IS EMPTY AND ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE.

Warner tells Juliette where the hostages are, but also that his father, Anderson has plans to massacre the civilian population. The Omega Pointers quickly draw up plans to rescue the hostages and as many of the civilians as possible.

In a mass meeting, many people want Warner executed but Castle tells them he has offered Warner a place at Omega Point. Someone asks how Castle knows Warner is gifted. He reveals Warner can touch Juliette.

Adam storms out then Adam and Juliette have yet another emotional scene in the corridor. Warner arrives on the scene, apparently having been released, he and Adam square up for a fight. Both Juliette and Kenji rush to break them up and Kenji is afflicted by Juliette’s touch even though she is not touching him. He passes out. Juliette thinks he is dead.


After staying late at the infirmary with Kenji, Adam and Juliette head back to their separate rooms to get some sleep before the big battle next day. Warner comes to Juliette’s room. He tells her he accidentally channeled her power into Kenji. Juliette and Warner kiss but then Juliette breaks away saying Adam’s name, feeling guilty. Warner storms off.

In the morning Warner is gone.

A still weak, Kenji announces he is still going with them. Adam, Kenji, and Juliette save some civilians but Juliette is captured. She is taken to the little house. Anderson is there, he tells her this is Warner’s mother’s home. He tells her Warner fought for control of the Sector to be near her. He has also brought Sonya and Sara, the Omega Point healers, here, to heal his legs where Juliette shot him. Warner is there too. Anderson shoots Juliette in the chest and leaves.

Sara and Sonya can’t touch Juliette to heal her but Warner channels their powers and she is healed.

Warner tells Juliette the battle is over and that they are ‘all dead’.

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi Recap.

shatter me

Our world is dying. The plants are dying, the animals are dying, birds are just a distant memory. A few years ago an organization called the Re-establishment claimed they could fix things if they were given power. They divided the world into five areas. This story is set in the North American area, where the Re-establishment is not living up to its promises. People are living in squalid conditions with very little food and the Re-establishment is mainly concerned with maintaining its own power and killing anyone who rebels or breaks their rules.

Sixteen-year-old, Juliette Ferrars is in a cell. She has been there 264 days, alone. She has seen no-one and spoken to no-one. Food comes through a slot in the door, once or sometimes twice a day. Once a day her cell opens and she can walk along unlit stone passageways to a toilet and shower. Her mind is breaking down. She repeats things, she counts things, she scribbles her thoughts in a small notebook, then crosses out the bad thoughts. She stands at the window daydreaming of birds. At night she dreams of a bird with golden plumage, flying in the sky.

Juliette’s touch can inflict intense pain. She was incarcerated after she killed a small boy trying to help him up when he fell. Her parents hated her and wanted rid of her.

She is joined by a cellmate. A boy who takes both beds and both blankets and ignores her. Juliette stays huddled on the floor. She is terrified of hurting the boy.

The boy begins to talk to her. He wraps her in both blankets when he sees her shivering. The boy is called Adam Kent. He went to school with her when they were younger. Juliette witnessed him being violently abused by his father. He doesn’t seem to remember her.

Adam takes her to an army compound where there is a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes in her size. She is introduced to Warner, the commander of Sector 45. He is only nineteen but very self-controlled. His father is the Supreme Commander of the North American Area hence his position of power. He wants Juliette to torture people with her touch for him, in return, he will keep her well fed and in good conditions. He seems to want more than just a professional relationship with Juliette though. She witnesses Warner shoot a soldier he says has been stealing supplies.

Adam who is now her guard reveals he, not only remembers her but has always been in love with her. He volunteered to go into her cell (to check her sanity) so that he could get to her and help. Moreover, he is immune to her agonizing and sometimes lethal touch. He has a tattoo on his chest of a bird with golden plumage. It is the same bird Juliette dreams of. They make plans to escape together.

Warner puts Juliette into a room full of traps. She has to rescue a small boy but has to touch him and hurt him to do so. Juliette is so angry she barrels straight through a concrete wall to get to Warner. She doesn’t know how she did it.

The time comes to escape, Warner tries to stop them. He touches Juliette but doesn’t seem to feel pain. They escape and go to Adam’s home where his younger brother, James is living.

Next day another soldier Kenji turns up and offers to take them somewhere safe. Soldiers arrive and they all go on the run.


Adam and Juliette are separated from Kenji and James. Juliette and Adam are captured by Warner who tortures Adam, then tells Juliette he loves her and kisses her. She steals his gun and shoots him. She claws her way through a thick steel door to rescue Adam. They rejoin James and Kenji and go to the safe place.

The place is called Omega Point and is a rebel base. It is run by a man called Castle. Castle explains that many people there also have special powers and that Kenji was sent for Juliette. They have a suit ready for her to cover her skin so she doesn’t have to worry about hurting people by accident.

The Omega Point people are preparing to fight the Re-establishment. She decides to join them.


Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (The Dark Artifices #1) Recap.


Johnny Rook tells Emma he hasn’t found any clues from her mom’s shirt but gives her a tip on where the next victim might turn up. Emma and Cristina follow the tip. They chase a Faerie when he leaves a party and encounters the victim, a man with a demon script on his skin. Emma must leave the Silent Brothers and Diana to investigate.

There have been twelve murders. The Silent Brothers have been investigating and do not want Shadowhunters involved. If Emma continues to defy this, it could hurt Helen’s and Mark’s chances of release.

The Blackthorns arrive home from their aunt’s house. Emma has missed Julian terribly. She notices differences in his appearance and demeanor.

Emma tells Jules the latest and asks about investigating. He says, of course, they’ll investigate. Their old familiarity is there, but there’s a new awkwardness.

Emma, Cristina, and Livvy work hard in the training room. Diego comes up. Cristina’s mom wants them together, but Cristina has other ideas.

Malcolm arrives with medicine for Arthur. It’s a regular but secret exchange with Julian. When Emma leaves, Malcolm acknowledges Jules’s feelings are getting stronger.

Ty tells them all twelve bodies were discovered on ley lines. Malcolm says the markings around the bodies are summoning runes.

Emma asks Jules what’s with him. He’s not sure he would have chosen a parabatai had things been different. Emma’s hurt.

Three Fae arrive and say if they can solve this mystery in three weeks, Mark can return home. The first line of the demon runes means fire and water. Mark gets to stay as a good-faith gesture. He doesn’t act the same, though he hasn’t aged much.

Diana will help since Mark is involved. She has a task but won’t share it.

Jules and Emma to take the fire and water translation to Malcolm. Magnus is there. Emma asks him about ley lines. Malcolm agrees to work on the translation.

Jules apologizes for what he said. He always wants to keep Emma close to him. Livvy texts. They race home. Julian shares a memory only he and Mark would know to get him to calm down.

Emma and the Blackthorns research the convergence of ley lines. Emma gives Mark a piece of her mind. It seems like although he loves his family, he would rather be with the Wild Hunt. He offers to take Emma to search for the ley lines. She wants to bring Jules, but Mark says ‘no.’ The ride on Mark’s magic motorcycle is thrilling.

They arrive at a cave. Cristina calls. Emma tells her where they are. They go into a circular room with glass doors and spells in the center of the floor. Mark gets the wallet of the most recently murdered man. They hear a noise and crawl back out. They fight a large group of mantid demons. Cristina and Jules arrive. They fight their way to the car and escape.

They stop at an oyster bar/campsite to clean up. Emma and Jules share an almost intimate moment, but Emma gets spooked.

Mark says the circle on the cave floor was necromancy. The killings are done at the convergence point. The bodies are left at a ley line for the messages to be seen.

Diana set up a monitoring spell at the convergence. Mark apologizes for the way he’s acted and asks them to give him another try.

Ty and Livvy found the victim’s address. Jules and Emma investigate it. Everyone else stays back to translate the cave writings. The victim’s house looks empty. There’s a body of a young woman in the pool. They are shot with arrows from an assailant on the roof. He gets away. Jules has been shot.

Mark tells Cristina he wants to look more like the Shadowhunters. Cristina cuts his hair. She’s attracted to him.

Emma uses healing runes on Jules in the backseat of the car. They finally work. They’re both feeling intimate, but the Blackthorns arrive.

They go to a diner. They look through the dead woman’s purse and find a ticket for The Lottery. Cristina flies back on the motorcycle with Mark. It appears they will kiss when Kieran appears. Cristina goes inside but sees their interaction. They kiss. Kieran vanishes.

Emma thinks about how losing Jules would’ve destroyed her. She has new feelings developing toward him.

Julian feels drawn toward Emma’s room but knows it’s not a good idea. He goes to the library instead. He goes to the same book as always…the one forbidding parabatai from falling in love or marrying.

Ty and Livvy have translated part of the cave writings. They are from Edgar Allen Poe’s poem Annabel Lee.

Malcolm got the results of the testing he did on the poison on the arrow. It’s a poison that even a parabatai rune shouldn’t have been able to heal.

Emma, Cristina, Julian, and Mark head to The Lottery. Jules and Cristina dance. Mark and Emma dance. Mark sees something and dashes off. Someone cuts in on Jules and Cristina. Jules and Emma dance. They are fighting their forbidden attraction as they dance.

Everyone goes into the theater. Mark is in the coat check room with Kieran, who asks him to choose the Hunt. In the theater, one name is drawn. Mr. Sterling has two days before the hunt begins. No one can help him. Emma and Cristina follow him to his car. He says no one is able to help him now.

Mark tells Cristina she looks beautiful. She asks what Kieran would think of him saying that. He admits the loyalty he feels to Kieran is because he was there when he had no one else.

Mark talks to Emma about his freedom and her parents. Jules appears in the doorway, misreading the situation and jealous.

Emma and Jules arrive at Rook’s house. They ask who The Guardian (the leader of the Followers and Lottery) is. Johnny isn’t sure but knows he is always there for the killing.

Ty followed them there and is holding Kit at knifepoint. Julian and Emma get a new promise out of Johnny…Sterling’s home address.

Emma and Jules see the kitchen is destroyed. The kids are eating weird things. Mark seems oblivious. Jules explodes.

Emma gets a text that something is at the convergence. She asks Cristina to tail Sterling. When he sees it’s her, he pulls a gun on her and runs away.

Mark tells Cristina a rhyme the Fae used to tease him, which mentions fire and flood. She mentions how she lost her best friend and her love. They clasp hands and don’t realize someone was watching them from the window.

Emma goes back to the glass portal windows in the cave. She tries a lever. One portal opens. Saltwater pours out. She is sucked into it. Jules begins coughing up seawater and hearing the ocean. He knows Emma is in trouble and leaves immediately.

Emma is fighting a demon in the ocean. Her strength is failing. Jules pulls her out. She wakes up hurting and coughing up lots of seawater.

Jules is angry she was so reckless. His true feelings for her come through in his panic. They are intimate that night on the beach. The next morning they see footprints in the sand. They panic because of what this means for parabatai. Jules acts like he’s just attracted to Emma but not in love with her. Emma’s furious but hides it.

They gather in the library. Ty tells them more of the translation. It mentions Blackthorn blood and the past. This sparks something for Diana. She leaves to make a call but won’t tell them what it’s about.

Cristina knows something is wrong as they tail Sterling. Emma eventually tells the truth. Cristina begs her to not make a horrible mistake. Cristina tells Emma she was in love with Diego, the brother of her best friend Jaime. She lost them both in one day. They see a black figure who fires an arrow. Sterling gets away, but Emma catches the assailant. It is from Diego. He’s there investigating for the Scholomance.

Julian tells Diana he knows how she went to Thailand, her brother died there, and she didn’t come back to the U.S. until her father had passed. She won’t confirm anything.

Sterling is stabbing a witch girl. A hand reaches out of the fire to grab her and then Sterling. Emma grabs his leg and pulls him free. Sterling says The Guardian will find him to give him riches and immortality. He says the girl he grabbed was the thirteenth and last. He doesn’t know what’s next.

The Institute is surrounded by The Followers there for Sterling. Emma, Diego, and Cristina fight fiercely but are terribly outnumbered. Julian comes out with a glowing angel blade. Everyone runs beside Belinda. She threatens Jules about his secrets. Sterling bleeds from his orifices and dies. Belinda cuts off his hands. Malcolm burns the body. Emma asks Jules what he’s been hiding. He tells Emma and Mark about Arthur’s lunacy and irresponsibility and how he took over the Institute so they could all stay together. They ask why Diana didn’t take over. He says she has her own secrets and couldn’t.

Diego says the Scholomance heard about flares of necromantic magic in L.A. He didn’t know Emma and Jules were Shadowhunters when he shot Jules with that arrow. He didn’t know the arrows from the Shadow Market were poisoned. He came to the Institute, but Arthur told him to leave.

Cristina says she overheard the plan Jaime formed to be Cristina’s parabatai and to have Diego marry her. They would influence her to overthrow her mother as head of the Institute so the “right Rosales family” could run it. Jaime was drunk and rambling. Diego would never go along with this. Jaime lied that she kept in contact with him while ignoring Diego’s calls and texts. Diego has always loved her. He was going to tell her about Jaime’s plan when the time was right.

Emma tells everyone about Sterling. Ty is impressed by Diego’s experience at the Scholomance. Mark is annoyed with Diego. Jules is worried about Emma’s feelings since he’s lied to her for years.

Diego suspected the Blackthorns might be involved after Arthur’s reaction, but now he knows he was wrong. Mark fills him in on what they know. They conclude that energy magic might be being stored up from the murders for later use to bring back someone from the dead. Dru thinks it might be Annabel Lee.

Tavvy shows them a story entitled Lady Midnight in a Shadowhunter children’s book. A Shadowhunter lady fell in love with someone she wasn’t supposed to. Her parents trapped her in an iron castle. She dies of sadness. The man goes to the Faerie king and asks how to bring her back and gets the rhyme which starts…First the flame and then the flood: In the end, it’s Blackthorn blood. Tavvy says Lady Midnight is a Blackthorn because her eyes look like theirs. The poem says the Black Volume of the Dead shows how to complete the spell.

Diego asks if anyone else knows about this investigation. Emma says just, Diana. Diego thinks she has betrayed them. Julian says they can trust Diana.

Jules and Emma talk about the secret he shared with her and Mark. She wishes he had told her sooner so she could help him bear it. He says she helped him so much even though she didn’t know what was going on. She was the only one taking care of him while he looked after everyone else. He almost admits he loves her. They kiss.

Kieran, Gwyn, and Iarlath arrive to punish Mark for sharing a Faerie secret with a Shadowhunter. He told Cristina where Gwyn is vulnerable. Kieran told Iarlath about it because thinks the punishment will be Mark forced to return to the Faerie world. But the punishment will be twenty lashes. Kieran begs to take the punishment for Mark. Julian volunteers to take the lashings instead. The Faeries allow it. Emma feels an echo of each lash. After just two, Emma runs in and gives him a deep sleeping rune to render him unconscious. Someone else has to take the whipping now. Both Mark and Emma ask to do it. Emma is more convincing. The pain is almost unbearable.

Emma is unconscious because of sleeping runes and is being treated with healing runes. Cristina is there with her when she wakes up. Emma did it because Mark has been tortured enough and her heart hurt too much when it was happening to Jules. Julian is devastated. She tells him she did it because it would devastate the kids to see him hurt. He tells her sometimes he wishes they were married and his siblings were their kids.

Jules takes her to the locked portion of his studio to show her all the paintings he’s done of her over the past several years. He tells her he loves her. They kiss.

Mark thanks Emma profusely for what she did and says he’ll do anything to repay her.

Ty thinks Lady Midnight is a Blackthorn girl who fell in love with a downworlder and was punished by her family by sending her to be an iron sister. Her name was Annabel, like in the poem. The deadly flowers at the convergence point usually only grow in Cornwall, where Lady Midnight takes place. This poison was on the arrow Diego shot Jules with, which he bought from Johnny Rook. Johnny says he got the poison from a cloaked customer. Emma figures out it were Malcolm.

Dru bursts in to ask what they need her for. Malcolm told her she was needed at the house and he would watch Tavvy for her. He has Tavvy to try to complete the spell. Malcolm gave her a note that says, “I will raise you, Annabel Lee.” A bolt of blacklight explodes from the note. Julian says the will go straight to the Clave no matter the punishment. But all power, landlines, and cell service were knocked out by the flare.

Kieran arrives to help them. He says Iarlath is in on this. Malcolm went to the king of the Unseelie Court to see how to raise the dead. He gave Malcolm the poem. Emma’s parents were killed as an experiment to see if the spell worked.

Mark and Kieran ride Kieran’s steed and arrive first and kill many mantids. Kieran stands guard outside. Jules puts a rune on Emma. It’s strange. The mark lights up on her skin. They enter the cave and find Tavvy on a table surrounded by a protection circle. A hooded figure approaches Tavvy. Livvy yells. It’s Diana. Malcolm approaches.

Diana keeps him talking to let the children escape. Julian and Mark silently back away.

Emma throws a throwing star at Malcolm. He dodges it and paralyzes her with a spell. The Followers are in pews in the dark space behind him.

Emma hears Jules’ voice in her head telling her to wait. Malcolm has a candelabra filled with the hands of the murderers the Followers have killed. Malcolm calls for the Followers to rise. The Shadowhunters fight them. Malcolm resumes his process.

Mark and Julian arrive on Kieran’s faerie horse. It breaks through the spell-protected barriers. Kieran fights Malcolm. Emma uses Cortana to break the chains on Tavvy. Julian grabs him and runs. Everyone else is still fighting.

Emma grabs the hands of glory and tells Malcolm to call his cronies off. He does so and runs. Emma chases him to the room with the portal to the ocean. Malcolm says it took him years to decipher the Faerie poem. He says he felt Annabel move after the first murder this year.

They fight. Emma strikes Malcolm’s coat with her sword and is hit with electricity where her sword touched the Black Volume. Malcolm hurls killing magic at her. The rune from Julian saves her.

She stabs Malcolm with Cortana. She throws him against the glass wall and yanks the lever. The ocean reaches out for him and carries him away. Malcolm’s spells begin to disappear because that’s what happens when warlocks die.

Diana offers to take the blame for all of this. Julian refuses. Jules tells Ty he was right…They were all necessary to win tonight, even the younger ones.

Robert Lightwood, Magnus, Clary, and Jace are at the Institute. They’ve come from Simon and Izzy’s engagement party. They’re surprised to see the state everyone is in and to see Mark.

Robert quizzes everyone. They tell him most of the story of their investigation and the night’s events. Robert wants some sort of punishment for them for hiding this from the Clave. Arthur says they’ve been punished enough with the loss of their parents and Mark and Helen. Jace tells Mark N.Y. Institute will always be willing to help.

Mark tells Kieran he’s staying with his family. He gives him his elf bolt necklace. He doesn’t forgive him but is thankful for his help. If Kieran ever genuinely needs Mark, he’ll be there to help.

Julian asks Emma to run away with him. They hear Tavvy crying and go into his room to comfort him. She knows he would spend his life regretting leaving the children. He says he’s already done something he’ll spend his whole life regretting. They fall asleep there.

The Rook house starts shuddering. Johnny orders Kit downstairs. The spells that protect the house are fading. Kit messages Emma. Mantids erupt from the living room floor and launch at Johnny. He’s safe in a protection circle. Without knowing how he does it, Kit launches himself back into the living room. Johnny looks sad. The floor collapses. Kit flips himself way from it. His father has ripped apart.

Jules wakes Emma by kissing her. They are almost caught by Dru. It will be hard to hide their relationship. Emma says they need to go somewhere private and talk. She wants to tell him about the dangers Malcolm warned about parabatai falling in love. Julian wants to talk about a plan to keep their relationship going but hidden. Julian leaves to go get lunch for the kids. Emma gets a 911 text from Kit.

Cristina and Diego talk of home. She admits she misses it. He notices she still has a gift he made for her. They kiss. Mark sees it. He thinks he’s misunderstood everything and that it might be easier to go back to the Hunt.

Kit is fighting the demons that killed his father. Emma, Jem, and Tessa appear and kill the demons. Tessa introduces herself to Kit and calls him Christopher Herondale, descended from Tobias. They’ve been looking for him for a long time.

Kit rides back with them to the Institute. He doesn’t even believe he’s a Shadowhunter until they have him open the front door of the Institute, which only a Shadowhunter can do.

Jem and Tessa are off to find Malcolm’s body and the Black Volume. Emma asks Jem about the dangers of parabatai falling in love. He knows about it because of his time as a Silent Brother. When the parabatai bond becomes romantic love, they begin to wield magic like warlocks. The power eventually drives the Shadowhunters to madness. They turn into monsters that destroy the ones they love and kill everything around them, including themselves.

Tessa says it’s easier to make someone else fall out of love with you or to convince them that you don’t love them than to reverse your own feelings. Jem and Tessa leave through a portal to where Magnus, Alec, and Max are.


Julian asks Emma why she didn’t show up at the beach. She draws away from him. He thinks she’s afraid of being seen. She tells him what happened with Kit. She takes his hands away from her face and holds them stiffly. Jules is confused. She says they can’t be together like this. She doesn’t want a relationship full of lies and sneaking around. He wants to just put the relationship on hold then. She says she doesn’t want to wait for him. She says she loves him and always has but it’s not enough to break the law. Julian can tell she’s lying because he knows her so well. She says she and Mark would make sense. He says he’ll never give up on the two of them. She promises that he will.

Emma goes to her room, and Mark knocks on the door. She needs to cash in the favor he owes her. She needs him to act like they’re dating and falling in love, especially for Julian to see. Mark is confused. He asks why it can’t be someone else and why it has to be a pretend boyfriend. She says it has to be him and wants it to be a lie. She says it might save Julian’s life. Mark can tell she isn’t telling him everything. She says she’ll explain as much as possible if he will agree. He says, “Why lie?”

Annabel rises from her tomb.

Vicious by V.E Schwab Recap.


10 Years Ago

Victor and Eli are roommates at Lockland University. They’re both brilliant, always vying for the top place in their classes. They are also opposites.

Victor is introverted and awkward. His parents are famous self-help authors and speakers. He hates their work and uses a permanent marker on their books, marking out most of the words and leaving just a few behind to try to speak his truth. Victor considers it a form of art. He was in love with Angie, a girl he met freshmen year. She became Eli’s girlfriend not long after the two of them met their sophomore year.

Eli is charming, good-looking, and popular. But Victor can tell there’s something dark underneath the all-American façade. Eli has faith in God and prays often. He reveals his father was a minister and shows Victor the scars on his back from beatings when he was younger. Victor is fascinated by and jealous of Eli and the ease with which he moves through life.

Victor and Eli choose their senior thesis topics. Eli decides on one that will be life-changing for the two friends…EO’s (ExtraOrdinaries, basically superheroes). After much study, Eli deduces people who reportedly have superpowers have recovered from near-death experiences. He tries to find other commonalities between them.

Victor does not want to be left behind or the sidekick in Eli’s research, which could be groundbreaking. When Eli tells him everything he has discovered, Victor wants to be a test subject. Eli protests but eventually relents. Victor takes a lethal dose of pain pills chased by whiskey. Eli ends up getting scared and calls an ambulance before Victor dies.

Next up is Eli. He wants to give it a try. He dies in an ice bath in the bathroom of the boys’ apartment. Victor brings him back with three EpiPens and chest compressions. His body can now heal itself, almost instantly, from any wound.

Victor doesn’t want to be outdone and wants to try his death again immediately. Eli refuses. Victor gets Angie to help. She doesn’t want to, but he manipulates her by telling her what Eli has done. Her emotions take over. She agrees to electrocute Victor in her lab. The pain is horrific. Victor wishes he could ask her to stop. But she keeps turning the power-up. He dies. Then he comes back because of a chemical he put in his body beforehand. His power is uncontrollable at first as it manifests. It kills Angie.

He calls Eli to let him know what happened. He can hear Eli dialing 9-1-1 on their home phone in the background. Victor hangs up and runs. The police find and arrest him. He concocts a decent story. He’s held overnight to see if any physical evidence ties him to the crime. Victor decides he can’t wait that long; he needs to talk to Eli about what happened. He uses his pain power to knock out his cellmate and the guard. When he gets home, Eli can’t handle what happened. Victor stabs him, wanting to leave the knife in so the wound won’t heal. Then he turns up the pain volume on Eli. He tells Eli he’s figured out something for his thesis: the power they come back with is a reflection of the thought that was strong enough to bring them back to life. He turns the pain back down. When his back is turned, Eli shoots. It hits the wall. He shoots and misses again. The third time he hits Victor in the shoulder.

He tells Victor he’s missing his humanity since coming back. But Victor’s not reacting to Angie’s death like he should, so Eli’s going to kill him. He fires and hits Victor again. Victor throws a knife and hits Eli’s arm. The gun falls to the ground. Victor can’t feel pain but is losing blood quickly. He falls to the ground, and he’ll lose consciousness soon. Victor feels an impact in his back, another shot. He distantly hears Eli make a phone call. He blacks out.

The cops believe Eli’s story that Victor had been acting weird the past few days and then attacked him. Detective Stell is on the way. Eli recognizes that name. He’s the cop Victor said questioned him about the EO business. Eli runs. He has to find Professor Lyne because he has copies of Eli’s thesis research, which could turn out incriminating. He destroys Lyne’s hard drive. Lyne is there when he’s leaving the office. He pushes him down the stairwell and kills him. He ties up one more loose end the next day, running over the janitor who was in the building at the same time in a hit-and-run accident.

Eli continues his belief that EO’s are an affront to nature but believes he is the exception. He begins his meticulous search for other EO’s. His first hit is Wallace, a man killed in a freak accident whose name surfaced in an online forum saying no one near him is safe. He finds Wallace, who puts up a fight, but eventually manages to kill him. He hopes to become more efficient with the murders in the future.

There’s only one target he isn’t able to off: Serena. He tracks her down at a Halloween party. She seduces him. She asks him his name and why he’s at the party. He answers honestly. He can tell she’s controlling his will. He’s fascinated by it. Serena likes the challenge Eli presents because she has gotten so bored with everyone bending to her will automatically. Even though he doesn’t want to share it, Serena eventually gets Eli’s backstory and current purpose out of him. Serena convinces Eli to let her shoot him so she can see his regenerative abilities firsthand.

They begin a tentative partnership and an intimate relationship. Every day Serena tells Eli not to kill her today to protect herself. He has to obey. Serena thinks there has to be an easier way to find potential EO’s if they could access the right networks. She secretly goes to the police station and coerces Officers Stell and Dane to help them in their search for EO’s. She tells them Eli’s a hero. Eli looks through their file to start tracking down more EO suspects.


Victor has been in prison for 10 years, the first five of which were in solitary confinement. Once he made it into general population, he began planning his escape. He lucked out in cell mates and got paired with the large, strong, clever Mitch.

Mitch feels like he’s cursed. He was in and out of foster homes during his youth. Since he’s really big, it’s always (incorrectly) assumed he’s not smart and he’s a trouble maker. He gets accused of many things he didn’t do and serves a couple jail stints for crimes he didn’t commit. Mitch decides to actually commit the one crime he’s always wanted to: robbing a bank by hacking their system. He finally is imprisoned for a crime he committed.

This term is when he meets Victor. He thinks his cell mate needs protection at first since he’s slight and quiet. But he quickly sees Victor has a different kind of power. Since they both try to protect each other, they build trust and become friends.

Victor and Mitch work together and eventually successfully break out. They steal a car. Mitch is aimless. Victor halfway is. His purpose is finding Eli, but he has no idea how to start his search. One night, they see a girl walking along the side of the road. Victor insists they go back for her. Her name is Sydney, she’s twelve, and she has been shot.

The trio hole up at a fancy hotel in Merit called The Esquire. Victor heals Sydney’s wound. It was inflicted by her sister Serena’s boyfriend.

Victor sees a newspaper article about a hero who prevented a bank robbery. The man wanted to remain anonymous, but there’s a picture. It’s Eli. He hasn’t aged a day in the past 10 years.

Sydney sees the article. She’s scared of the man but doesn’t tell Victor and Mitch about it until the next morning. Sydney doesn’t tell Victor her whole story, but she tells enough to get the point across. She idolized her older sister Serena. Their usual frozen lake picnic was delayed until March when Serena finally got a break from college. The ice wasn’t solid anymore. They fell through. They both died and came back as EO’s.

Serena can manipulate people and their moods, which is apparent when she convinces the hospital staff to let her walk out. Sydney can raise the dead, which she discovers wandering the hospital halls since she’s bored. Serena disappears from Sydney’s life, claiming she’s too busy with college, travel, and life to come home. Out of the blue, she calls Sydney one day and wants to spend time together. Sydney packs a duffel immediately and joins her at her apartment. Her new boyfriend Eli is there. Sydney thinks he acts strange. It comes out he’s an EO, too, and wants to see Sydney’s skill in action. They drive out into the country, where Eli has dumped a dead body. Sydney reluctantly raises the man. Eli promptly shoots him to cover the evidence and then turns the gun on Sydney. He says her power is unnatural and makes her a danger. She runs into the woods but takes a shot to the arm. She gets away.

When she finishes her story, Victor shows her his scars where Eli shot him. He asks if she can get back to the apartment. She does. Serena’s gone. She’s letting a friend live there to get away from her roommate, but the friend saw Serena in class just yesterday.

Victor wonders at his luck or fate: of ending up in Merit, of seeing Sydney on the side of the road, and of seeing Eli’s picture in the paper. He can somehow feel that Eli is nearby. He wants to draw Eli to him and be ready. Victor wants to search for potential EO’s to try to track Eli down. Victor doesn’t want to force Sydney to tell him her power, but he lets her know he’s at a disadvantage since Eli knows what it is and he doesn’t. She has him shoot a dog they come across. She brings it back to life. He lets her keep it. She names it Dol.

To send a message to Eli, he’s going to have Sydney resurrect the last EO he killed: Barry Lynch. She does so. They convince Barry to help by saying that Sydney can kill him again with a snap of her fingers. They plan another bank robbery.

Victor has left Mitch searching databases to find potential EO’s. They might not need this now that they’ve resurrected Barry, but Mitch is continuing his search anyway. He’s found a bunch of potential EO’s. Most of them are dead. They assume Eli offed them. Victor feels like this is proof of Eli’s own evil even though he tries to preach otherwise. Mitch has found a few potential EO’s who are still alive. They don’t know which one is Eli’s next target, but Victor doesn’t care. He thinks they’re going to draw him out with Barry. But then Mitch discovers something else: in the Merit Police Department database, all of Eli’s current targets are flagged with middle names that are a derivative of ‘Eli.’

Eli is on a nearby college campus searching out one of the EO’s on Mitch’s ‘alive list,’ a college girl with blue hair. He follows her after class and murders her by her car. He gets a call from Officer Dane about the bank robbery in progress. When he hears Barry’s the perpetrator, he knows Sydney is still alive. He calls Serena. She’s watching it all on the news. She knows Eli has lied to her, which shouldn’t be possible because of her abilities. He has been fighting them for so long he’s finally finding ways around them sometimes. Eli arrives at the bank. Barry’s already dead. He finds a note in Barry’s pocket with stick figures symbolizing Victor and Sydney and their bullet wounds. The note says ‘I made a friend.’ Eli tells the officer to burn Barry’s body this time.

Victor questions Sydney about Serena’s ability, trying to puzzle out why Eli is keeping her around. But Sydney doesn’t know what it is. Mitch calls and says he’s captured one of the cops, Dane. Sydney stays behind when Victor goes to question him. Victor asks Dane for his access ID’s so he can send Eli another message soon. He tortures Dane by inflicting pain to get him to agree to help.

In a different room at The Esquire Hotel, Eli shows Victor’s note to Serena. She thinks they should send a note back. Eli has no idea how to reach Victor. Serena wants to call a meeting with the entire city police department to brainwash them and try to flush Victor out of hiding.

Victor tortures Dane with pain to get information about Eli. He also gets Dane’s login ID and passcode for the database. He quickly figures out Dane is under Serena’s control and kills him. Victor has Mitch fetch Sydney to see if Dane’s death breaks Serena’s hold on him. Sydney revives him. The hold isn’t broken. Victor kills him once again.

Eli calls Stell to set up the meeting at the police station. Stell mentions Dane is missing. Eli tries Dane’s cell. Victor hears it ringing in Dane’s pocket and picks it up. Eli recognizes his voice and knows he must be in Merit. Victor says he’ll see him at midnight and hangs up.

Serena tells the police force to believe Eli because he’s a hero. He tells them Victor is an EO, an escaped convict, and very bad news. He tells them about Mitch. They believe him wholeheartedly and will aid in the search for them.

Eli wants to search for the last couple EO’s they have files on while he waits for midnight. Serena begs to go with him. They visit Zachary Flinch’s house. He died in a mine collapse. Eli ends up shooting him before he even gets a chance to tell them his ability. He searches for Dominic, his last target, alone.

Victor asks Mitch to use Dane’s ID to upload one last file to the policy database: Victor’s. The profile picture will be of one of his parents’ books, and the info will show the location for their midnight meeting: the abandoned, half-built Falcon Price high-rise.

Sydney begs Victor to try to save an EO while they wait for midnight. He decides on Dominic. He and Mitch head to his most likely location per his profile, a local bar. They leave Sydney behind. They ask her to upload Victor’s file with the meeting location at 10:30 and to start burning all paperwork in their room, one page at a time, at 11:00.

Eli waits for Dominic at the bar. He watches him down three drinks. A big man he recognizes (and made a mental note of because he seemed out of place) from the hotel walks into the bar. Eli is instantly suspicious. When the man walks by Dominic, he whispers something to him. After the big man passes by Dominic, he disappears into thin air.

Dominic can walk in shadows, basically, pause time and become invisible. He heads out into the alley like Mitch whispered to him and meets Victor, who tells him about Eli, the man out to kill him. Dominic’s death occurred when he stepped on an IED as a soldier. He lives in constant pain. Victor shows him how he can take the pain away and promises to do so permanently for Dominic if he helps them defeat Eli. He agrees.

Eli follows the big man into the bathroom. He discovers his name is Mitch and he works with Victor. Eli pistol whips Mitch shoots him in the chest and leaves. He calls Stell and tells him to get to the bar and clean up the murder.

Victor gets suspicious when Mitch hasn’t come out of the bar yet. He grasps Dominic’s arm, and they enter the bar invisibly. They see Eli leaving and find Mitch in the bathroom. He was wearing a bulletproof vest, so he isn’t hurt badly. They clean both him and the bathroom and then leave. They steal a car to drive back into the city.

Sydney has the patio door open because she’s burning the papers. Dol wanders out. She calls for Dol to come back in. Serena hears her voice because she’s on her balcony. Serena goes to Sydney’s room. She coerces her into opening the door and eventually forces her to go somewhere safe. She’s trying to protect her, but the only safe place Sydney knows is by Mitch’s side. So she heads to Falcon Price to look for him. Dol is with her.

Mitch is walking into the Falcon Price building alone and comes upon Serena. She tries to use her power to get him to turn his gun on himself, but it’s empty of bullets.

Sydney and Dol wander the Falcon Price building looking for Victor. She finds Eli instead. She shoots him in the face. He heals before her eyes.

The dark behind Serena peels away and parts. Victor and Dominic step out of the shadow world. Victor, wearing earplugs just in case, slits her throat before she has a chance to speak. She dies quickly. They burn the body so Sydney won’t ever have to see her like this.

Dol jumps at Eli as he makes a move toward Sydney. He shoots the dog. He turns the gun on Sydney, but hands reach out of parted darkness behind her. She disappears from Eli’s sight. She’s in the shadow world with Dominic. She can see Victor standing behind Eli in the real world. She begs Dominic to go back for Dol. He does. She revives the dog. It’s harder the second time around.


Eli and Victor fight in a vicious, bloody battle with guns and knives. Victor gives Eli the same three bullet wounds. Eli uses a set of knives similar to the ones Victor used on him in their college apartment. The floor is slick with their blood. Eli heals over and over again. Victor dulls his pain but doesn’t want to do so too much so he doesn’t ignore a wound and bleed out before the fight is over.

Eli hears the police arriving and wants to make sure he’s the one who kills Victor. He stabs a killing blow into Victor’s chest. Dominic, Mitch, and Sydney all know the second he dies because their pain returns to them.

The cops storm the room where Eli and Victor fought. Eli’s confused about why they’re no longer on his side. Then he realizes Serena must have died since her hold is no longer on them. As Eli is arrested, he begs them to burn Victor’s body. They won’t listen to him.

Mitch, Sydney, Dominic, and Dol go to the cemetery late at night. They dig up Victor’s body. Sydney revives him. He smiles.

Renegades by Marissa Meyer Recap.


Six-year-old Nova witnesses the murder of her mother, father, and sister in their apartment. Nova believes the Renegades will show up to help her, but they never do. She uses her power to put the perpetrator to sleep before he can kill her. Uncle Ace finds Nova with a gun aimed at the sleeping man and does the deed for her. Ace is the leader of the Anarchists, the group who systematically took over the world before Nova was born. He’s excited to finally discover what her power is, a fact Nova’s father kept hidden from Ace.

One year after the murders, a battle occurs between the Anarchists and the Renegades, the opposing group of superheroes. Many die on both sides, but the Renegades end up with a victory of sorts. Many things change in the world as they know it. The Renegades are lauded as heroes by nearly everyone.

Nine years later, sixteen-year-old Nova (aka Nightmare) is stationed on the route of the annual parade, the one which paints the Anarchists as villains and the Renegades as heroes. She and her team of rebels hope to take out the five original Renegades when their final float rolls past them.

Nova is supposed to fire the opening shot at their leader, Captain Chromium, a poisoned dart right to his eye. But Nova’s distracted when a young girl snatches her bracelet. Sketch steals it back for her. He uses his power to repair the broken clasp. This delays Nova. The team thinks their plan is done because Nova won’t be able to set it in motion with her kill. But she uses her gear to jump to a nearby building to have the proper angle for her shot.

When the time comes, Nova can’t pull the trigger. A butterfly materializes on the end of her gun. Soon many butterflies coalesce in front of her. It’s Monarch. Nova finally gets a shot off on Chromium, but he turns his head at the last minute. The dart bounces off his helmet. A fight ensues between Nova, Monarch, and other Renegades who suddenly descend.

Sentinel, a hero Nova is not familiar with, shows up in full body armor. Winston, the harlequin puppeteer hero, arrives on a float. Nova tries to net Sentinel. He burns through it. Nova calls to Winston for help. Sentinel gets to her first. He’s dangling her over the building’s edge. Her fingers finally find a way into his armor to touch his flesh and put him to sleep. Winston rescues her by sending a puppet string her way so she can swing off the building.

Chaos erupts on the parade route between both teams of heroes as well as civilians. Nova turns her earpiece back on to check in with her team.

Chromium launches a pike at Harlequin’s balloon, hitting the connection to the propane and changing the float’s course. Nova has to sacrifice weight to clear the next building they’re headed toward. Instead of throwing her bag full of inventions, she tosses Winston off instead. Chromium captures him.

Adrian (aka Sketch and the Sentinel) wakes up hours later, alone on the rooftop. He’s embarrassed his first attempt at the next great superhero failed miserably. He uses his drawing talent to clean and stitch his shoulder wound.

Adrian goes to Renegade headquarters to catch up with his team about the goings on. He’s told no one about his alternate identity Sentinel and won’t do so now that he accidentally burned one of his own. He lies about where he’s been. They all try to figure out who Nightmare is and what vigilante group she’s with. Because of the one sentence she said to him about fear spurring bravery, Adrian knows he has to find her on his own.

Adrian goes to visit Max (aka Bandit), the ten year old boy who lives in headquarters in quarantine. He continually works on his glass replica of the city and knows more about the goings on than Adrian because of he always watches the news. Adrian makes him a few new glass pieces to help him construct his parade replica.

The council returns to headquarters. Adrian goes out to greet his dads. They are furious about Nightmare and the Sentinel but don’t yet have answers. A lab tech comes to them with news on the poison on the dart shot at Chromium. It’s like what Anarchist Leroy Flynn (aka Cyanide) has used before. They don’t realize at first that Adrian has stayed to listen to their conversation.

Adrian thinks the council’s way is wrong. They need to go about their rule more quickly and effectively.

Nova returns home to her subway lair, which the Renegades pay visits to regularly. Ingrid is there. She sees Honey next. Nova grabs food from Winston’s stash since he won’t be home any time soon and ventures on to her favorite Anarchist: Leroy Flynn. He suggests she infiltrate the Renegade ranks by becoming one of them.

Adrian listens to a newscast about recent events and realizes how their questions are his own: Did the council do a good job with their response? And who is Nightmare? He looks at a photo album to see pictures of his mom before she died and pictures of him a year later on his adoption day. He finds what he’s looking for: the news article about her death. It includes the quote written on a note left by her killer that says the same thing that Nightmare did.

The Renegades show up at the Anarchists’ lair to discuss the attempted assassination. They try to bully the Anarchists into obedience. Nova thinks once again about how they’re not the heroes the public thinks they are. The Sentinel shows up and says he was sent by the council. They have called this mission off. He says they don’t get reception down here, so there’s no way they would’ve known. They seem unsure. They don’t know who the Sentinel is or what side he’s on. He says he wants to talk to Nightmare. Nova thinks about how she might be their only hope of defeating the Renegades since they don’t know who she is.

Nova thinks about how Ace was her only family after her family’s murder. He talked of the deaths only once, when he told her it was a group called the Roaches and the Renegades didn’t come to rescue them. Ace killed all 47 members of this gang. He died not long after he told her this in the big Anarchists versus Renegades battle.

Nova and Leroy arrive at Millie’s houseboat in Harrow Bay. She’s prepared a fake ID and a fake background for Nova so she can enter the Renegade trials. She’s Nova Jean McClain now, with the prodigy name Insomnia. Millie mentions how talented Nova’s dad was as she looks at the bracelet he made and how handsome the boy was who fixed it.

Adrian is at the trials, thinking this is another part of being a Renegade he disagrees with. A few questions and a 30 second power display can’t show a prodigy’s worth. His sketching talent wouldn’t be flashy enough to win the panel over even though it often proves useful out in the field. Adrian’s group wants to see if any talent is worth joining their gang. The girl with the bracelet from the parade day steps out. Adrian is drawn to her once again. The crowd is divided on whether Insomnia has a worthy skill. She also touts her physical training and scientific wherewithal.

Adrian’s team is the only to vie for her. Another team challenges their bid because her skill can’t be confirmed. Nova has to choose her opponent from the challenging team. She chooses Gargoyle. As she’s walking to the ring, she realizes the bracelet-fixing boy from the parade is the one who wants her on his team. She realizes he’s the Renegades captains’ son, Adrian Everhart. She defeats Gargoyle using a couple tricks. Her new teammates welcome her.

Adrian gets up early one morning to sneak into the basement and give himself a new tattoo for another secret ability. His dads call him up for a family breakfast. They talk about the goings on in the city, and Adrian asks for his team to be assigned to the investigation of the Librarian, who they think may have supplied and Nightmare’s gun. He says their new insomniac teammate could be a big help. His dads say no. They say his team needs to use their expertise out on patrol in the city. Adrian tries to persuade them, mentioning how Nightmare quoted the note that was found on his mother’s dead body. They give his team two weeks to perform surveillance.

Nova arrives at the Renegade headquarters for the first time. She’s nervous she’ll be found out. But it all goes smoothly, especially when Nova confirms there currently aren’t any Renegades with mind reading powers. Ruby and Oscar show her around a bit. They ask about what inventions Nova brought with her. She shows what she has, although she couldn’t bring her best ones because Nightmare had used them in public in the past year.

Adrian meets up with Nova, Ruby, and Oscar. Nova asks him tons of questions, and seeing headquarters through her eyes makes him realize how amazing everything the Renegades have developed in the past 8 years is. It makes him interested in it all over again.

They take Nova to the training facility, a gutted-out parking garage where superheroes can practice their powers. Adrian assumes Nova’s awe is because of the various talents she sees being practiced. He tells her how prodigies from around the world come here to train before going home to protect their various cities. Nova asks if Sentinel trains here. Oscar says they don’t think the Council was faking their surprise and anger about the Sentinel. Oscar believes he’s rogue.

They take Nova to meet their other teammate, Monarch, who didn’t even see Nova compete at the trials because of the injuries she sustained during the parade day fight. She’s friendly but seems skeptical of Nova’s surveillance abilities. Nova invited Monarch to test her, so she does. Nova easily passes her test.

Adrian takes Nova to meet the Bandit. Nova’s amazed at the detail of the glass city he’s created. Max is awed by her and asks Adrian to draw a figurine if her. Nova allows it and is amazed at the quick, accurate results. She asks why he’s secluded. Her teammates explain he has a condition that’s dangerous but valuable.

Before they elaborate, a lady in a hazmat-type suit arrives for her regular collection of Max’s blood and saliva. Nova asks if they’re trying to heal him. Adrian says research and development is using these samples for something much different. The specifics of his condition are classified. Nova makes a mental note to investigate this later.

Adrian gives Nova a wristwatch, the latest and greatest in Renegade tech. She’s impressed but also worries it could be used to track her location. She’s supposed to keep it on at all times.

Nova goes to the apartment her friends rented for her. She kicks out a homeless guy who has been squatting there. Soon two of her friends show up. She recaps what she learned in day 1 at headquarters. They will warn Cronin that Nova’s team is going to start watching the library the next night. He has 24 hours to clear out anything illegal. They want Nova to trigger a search of the place to show the Renegades it’s clean. Once it’s cleared, he can move his illegal business back into the library.

On their first night of surveillance, not much is going on. They all share a little bit about their families and superhero origin stories. Oscar goes first, then Ruby, then Adrian, and finally Nova. She’s afraid hers gets a little too close to the truth. She takes watch while the others sleep and is slightly disappointed when Adrian doesn’t come check on her even. Nova comes back down, berating herself for her disappointment. She talks to Adrian a while before he goes to sleep.

The next morning, the foursome sees Ingrid (aka Detonator) walking into the library, which Nova uses to convince them to go in and search the library. Adrian calls for back-up, but they go in before the other team arrives. They ask for Cronin. Adrian sees the library assistant watching Nova. Cronin arrives and agrees to give them a tour of the library. Adrian wants to tour the parts not open to the public, starting with the basement. Adrian asks Oscar to stay behind and keep an eye on the library occupants’ safety.

During the tour, they encounter Ingrid. Nova can tell something’s off. Ingrid didn’t warn Cronin and has her own plan: to kidnap Adrian because he’s the council members’ son. A fight ensues. Ingrid ends up detonating some of her bombs. The library begins to burn. The Renegades rush to save everyone inside. Oscar says one little boy is missing. Adrian leaves to look for him. Nova finds him.

The Sentinel arrives asking Cronin for information on Nightmare, guaranteeing his safety and his granddaughter’s safety if he reveals who or where she is. Cronin considers this. Ingrid kills him. Narcissa (his granddaughter) escapes using her power to flow through mirrors. She carries one old book from the library with her. Ingrid kills Cronin. Nova shoots Ingrid but carries her away from the burning building.

Nova and the Sentinel speak. She doubts his allegiance to the Renegades and asks him to reveal himself to prove his good intentions. He can’t yet. Nova sees Ruby and Oscar below. Adrian isn’t with any of them. The Sentinel leaves. Oscar’s going to go back into the building to try to save him. Their back-up finally arrives. Captain chromium finds Adrian in an igloo that he sketched and brought to life inside the fire.

That night, Nova goes back to the Anarchist’s hide out. They’re packing up and leaving. The Renegades are coming after them after the stunt Ingrid pulled. Ingrid isn’t allowed to go with them because of her actions. Nova’s headed back to Renegades headquarters to resume her undercover position. She’s not going to let this stop her.

Adrian and his team are on trial about what happened at the library. Their defense is that they’re normally a patrol team and they’re used to taking action if they see an Anarchist. Even though they defied orders in their actions, this defense works. They end up on probation. Adrian asks to question Winston during this downtime since Winston is tied to Nightmare.

Nova accompanies Adrian to go visit Max. She likes the little boy, plus she’s hoping to pump him for information. Nova starts out by pointing out a few things that are wrong with his model of the city and offers to help correct them. She also offers to build functioning elevators for his model of Renegade headquarters. Then she tries to milk him and Adrian for information about Max’s background and condition. They’re careful in that responses. But Nova learns his parents tried to throw him off a bridge, Captain Chromium rescued him, and his abilities would have people wanting to kidnap or kill him. Nova asks a little more about Adrian’s mom and dad.

Adrian’s request was granted to question Winston. Nova tries to get out of it because Winston has no clue about her undercover assignment here and has no idea how he’ll react when he sees her. But Adrian insists she come along and at least use her powers of observation. Winston doesn’t give Nova away, but he does act suspiciously. He stares at her several times when they first arrive and gives several strange, unbelievable sounding answers when Adrian asks him about Nightmare. But at least he keeps Nova’s secret for now.

In addition to doing legitimate work at her data entry job, Nova also changes incriminating data (like who a weapon used by an Anarchist is registered to) and often digs deeper into the Renegade database for any information that might be helpful to the Anarchists.

Adrian goes out to dinner with Ruby and Oscar one evening while Nova’s at work. He purchases a variety of sandwiches to take back to her for a snack break. When he gets to her department, he hears guards yelling. He rushes toward the noise. Nova has entered the quarantine because she saw Max hovering and then falling and hurting his hand. She tells Adrian about this after he drags her out of Max’s room and she comes to. He tells her what Max’s powers are. He steals other people’s powers permanently if they’re exposed to him long enough.

Both Nova and Adrian are weak. They’re not sure whether their powers remain. Nova asks Adrian to test his. He grabs his pen, and he indeed retained them. Nova asks about Max’s telekinesis. She says he was levitating himself while holding up many of the glass buildings, too. Adrian has never observed him holding up this much with his mind and didn’t realize his powers were this strong. He stole them from Ace Anarchy.

Monarch visits Nova in the hospital wing. They talk about a variety of things, including how she’s used her power to sneak into movie theaters and the artifact wing at headquarters. She also mentions how Adrian has never had a girlfriend but seems interested in Nova. Nova’s embarrassed and knows that she’s attracted to Adrian, too. She tells herself it’s just a biological reaction to him, though.

Frostbite comes and this her annoying self as always. Once she leaves, Nova touches Monarch to test her powers. She’s thrilled it’s alive and well, putting Monarch to sleep immediately. Nova packs up and leaves against the advice of the nurse treating her.

Adrian goes to visit Max and helps him rebuild the glass model that was broken during the ordeal. Max shows him how he has a little of Adrian‘s power now. He doesn’t know whether he captured any of Nova’s. He hopes not because he doesn’t want to have even more waking hours to try to fill all alone each day.

Max mentions how he saw Adrian fly to carry Nova out of the room. He mentions how the Sentinel also has this ability and basically asks Adrian if he’s the Sentinel. Adrian won’t say. But he does answer “hypothetical” questions Max asks about the Sentinel. Since the Sentinel seems to have a variety of abilities, he asks whether the Sentinel can capture the invincibility of Captain Chromium. Adrian knows Max is asking because he would love to have someone else who can come in and interact with him. Adrian has never considered trying to develop and invincibility ability. He’s not sure if this is possible for the Sentinel or not.

Nova leaves the hospital wing and finds a very important artifact, Ace Anarchist’s helmet. She gets a text from Adrian, wondering where she is and wanting to make sure she’s okay. Nova has warring emotions between the text and the helmet. She finally pics the helmet up and is surprised when no alarms go off. Then the Dread Warden appears and she realizes maybe there’s a silent alarm attached to it. But as she held it, she had noticed it’s a fake. She asks the Dread Warden about it. He surprisingly tells her the truth. The actual helmet wasn’t destroyed and is held down in the artifacts department. Nova asks if Renegades are allowed to see it. He says maybe Nova would be allowed in if she bribed the head of artifacts with some candy.

Nova gets another text from Adrian but doesn’t respond. She mentions she knows Max came into contact with Ace at some point. The Dread Warden acknowledges this is truth and explains what happened, a story very different than the famous painting. Captain Chromium had baby Max in his arms and flew toward Ace, hoping the close contact would start draining Ace of his powers. It worked. Ace soon figured out what was draining his power and tried to fight Max. He was soon too weak to fight anymore. Captain Chromium snatched the helmet from his head. Ace jumped off the third story of the building they were on into the burning building below.

Nova heads to her home outside headquarters. Honey and Leroy are both there. Nova leaves her watch behind and heads outback to leave. Ingrid appears with an offer that’s hard to refuse. She proposes a public fight to the death for both Nightmare and the Detonator, that way they both are off the Renegade’s radar for good. She’ll be back tonight for Nova’s answer. Ingrid sees Adrian coming and says she hopes Nova knows how he looks at her.

Nova runs back to the house. Honey and Leroy have both vanished. Adrian knocks twice before she answers. He was worried about her since she hadn’t responded to any of his many messages. Adrian seems taken aback by the ramshackle house. He draws a bouquet of roses on the forlorn table. He suggests they go to the carnival Cosmopolis the next day since Nightmare is known to be tied to it. Adrian thinks Nova can show him around since her resume says she used to work there. She hadn’t, of course, so during her sleepless night, Nova becomes familiar with the park and plants some clues she hopes Adrian will find.

They play a variety of games, with Nova winning all the shooting ones and Adrian winning all the strength-related ones. The two get into a friendly debate about what is wrong with the world, about whether prodigies make it a better or worse place. They can both understand the other‘s points. Adrian doesn’t seem that suspicious that Nova defends the Anarchists at times. Adrian suggests they ride the Ferris wheel to give them a good vantage point to see any clues about Nightmare. Nova feels nervous about being crammed into a little gondola with Adrian but agrees. She can’t believe the feelings she’s having that would have been unbelievable to her a few weeks ago.

Some kids approach them as they are walking to the Ferris wheel. They interact with them for a while. Adrian draws a variety of toys to bring to life for each of them. Nova realizes how late it’s getting and how she still has to fight Ingrid later in the night, so she encourages Adrian to go. She walks him toward the gallery, hoping he will see one of the clues she left behind. As they’re looking at the pictures, Adrian sees it. It’s the photo Nova altered to make it look like the fun house used to be named Nightmare. Nova asks whether this is supposed to be a date. Adrian kind of dodges the question. She realizes it was something more than a surveillance mission.

They follow a string of clues. Nova acts like she sees something. Adrian drags her behind him. Nova can’t believe his touch is affecting her like it is. They make their way to a fun house, begin going through it together, and continue to get scared by each of the tricks of the old fun house. The two of them get separated when Nova falls through a trap door. They yell to each other and agree to go through the rest of the house on their own. Adrian discovers some clothes and a weapon that Nightmare had used on him during the parade. It’s all the confirmation he needs. He sends a message to Nova and the Renegades.


Adrian hears a noise and expects to see Nova. Instead, Nightmare pops out of a door. They fight for a second. Adrian runs away, yelling a message into the communicator on his wrist. He looks for Nova but finds Nightmare again. She fires at him but misses very wide. Someone calls out that she thought she trained Nightmare better than that. It’s the Detonator. Nightmare and the Detonator seem to be fighting about who caused Cronin’s death and the Renegade’s pursuit of the Anarchists. Adrian begins backing away. Nightmare shoots multiple bullets at the Detonator. Adrian draws some more tranquilizer darts for the tranquilizer gun he drew earlier. He’s glad to have the tranquilizer gun loaded again.

It appears that Nightmare is hit and killed. The Detonator tells Adrian this was supposed to be a fake fight to convince the Renegades they both died. But she changed her mind. She tells him she already took care of Nova. Adrian tries to shoot Detonator with tranq darts but misses. He eventually draws handcuffs on her. The Renegades arrive. Chromium rushes over to check on Adrian. He tells him Nightmare is dead. A bomb is detonated somewhere in the park. Detonator must have put it on a timer earlier.

Nova arrives and shoots the Detonator. Adrian is relieved to see her and carries her to safety. A Renegade mentions how people like the Detonator won’t even be a problem soon because of what they are working on. Nova asks what it is. They can’t elaborate. Nova assumes it’s about their research on Max.

Nova goes to an Anarchist lair, thinking about the Renegades as she walks. She realizes why the Renegades are not heroes. They make decisions for everyone and would take away any prodigy’s abilities if they don’t fit into the Renegade mold. She goes down into the heart of the lair and announces to the room that the helmet is alive and well at Renegade headquarters. She enters a room where her Uncle Ace levitates before her. He tells her he’s proud of her.