Manga Review: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Vol.4 by Koyoharu Gotouge.

Synopsis: Tanjiro sets out on the path of the Demon Slayer to save his sister and avenge his family!

In Taisho-era Japan, Tanjiro Kamado is a kindhearted boy who makes a living selling charcoal. But his peaceful life is shattered when a demon slaughters his entire family. His little sister Nezuko is the only survivor, but she has been transformed into a demon herself! Tanjiro sets out on a dangerous journey to find a way to return his sister to normal and destroy the demon who ruined his life.

After a fierce battle with a demon inside a maddening house of ever-changing rooms, Tanjiro has a chance to find out about the fighter in the boar-head mask. Who is this passionate swordsman and what does he want? Later, a new mission has Tanjiro and his compatriots heading for Mt. Natagumo and a confrontation with a mysterious and horrifying threat…


Tanjiro is still on his mission but now he is joined with Zenitsu and Inosuke. Both of these character’s can’t be more opposite. IN saying that it makes their interactions great. When a corps member is drawn back into the forest in front of everyone, Inosuke and Tanjiro run in to save him. In doing so they meet creepy crawlers who begin to attack them. Inosuke deals with a Spider-like creature which is both badass and extremely funny.

The comedy jumps up a few notches here with multiple scenes that made me laugh really hard. The art and fights also get better as I was able to follow it all this time. The dialogue stays strong, and Tanjiro is a great main hero.

This was such a great volume! As Tanjiro meets Inosuke their blades clash and we learn a little about Zenitsu and Inosuke as they make their way towards a resting place and then go on some mountain range where they are met by a family of Arachnid demons. They are controlling the other DSC members through webs and so it falls on them to defeat it also Zenitsu dealing with a spider demon and the whole backstory, and motivation is explained here and it’s so good getting to know Zenitsu like this! Just fantastic art and the story is gonna get even better now! I am liking the slow getting to know these characters while also exploring the different demon types that exist.

My Rating: 5/5 stars.

Book Review: First Semester (Campus Tales #1) by Q.B Tyler.

Synopsis:My rebound wasn’t supposed to be the best sex of my life.

He definitely wasn’t supposed to walk into class Monday morning on my first day of college.
He wasn’t supposed to be my teacher.

He did things to my body that no man had ever done before.
Things I wanted him to do again
And again.
And again.

But the man I had in my bed two days ago was now off limits.

He was my teacher.
I was his student.

I couldn’t have him…
I wanted him anyway.

First Semester (Campus Tales #1) by Q.B Tyler

Publication Date: September 12th, 2018

Publisher: Unknown

Genre: Adult, Romance

Pages: 157

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All hail QB!! She has done it again. As always, QB pulls you in with her lovable characters, her perfect storyline, and of course, her steamy scenes. Skyler and Aiden are two people who meet by chance, needing to forget their failed, past relationship and then have to conquer one another hearts in a taboo way.

First Semester was an awesome read for me that I loved from beginning to end. Skylar is a young woman who just moved to DC for school and is getting over a broken heart. On her first night there she meets a neighbor who talks her into going out. Let’s just say from this point on Skylar makes a dating site profile, says she’s 22, and hooks up with the gorgeous Aidan. Little does Skylar know her little white lie has consequences and is in front of her class on Monday morning. Aida is shocked that the beautiful girl he can’t stop thinking about is his student. So we have lots of sneaking around, delicious chemistry, a little heartbreak, and a HEA. I’m looking forward to rereading book 2.

Book Review: Hunting Adeline (Cat and Mouse Duet #2) by H.D Carlton.

Synopsis: The Diamond

Death walks alongside me,
But the reaper is no match for me.
I’m trapped in a world full of monsters dressed as men, and those who aren’t as they seem.
They won’t keep me forever.

I no longer recognize the person I’ve become,
And I’m fighting to find my way back to the beast who hunts me in the night.
They call me a diamond,

But they’ve only created an angel of death.

The Hunter

I was born a predator,
With ruthlessness ingrained in my bones.
When what’s mine is stolen from me in the night,
Like a diamond hidden within a fortress,
I find that I can no longer contain the beast.
Blood will paint the ground as I tear apart this world to find her.
And bring her back to where she belongs.
No one will escape my wrath,
Especially not those who have betrayed me.

Warning: This is the second and final installment to the Duet. You must read Haunting Adeline first.

Hunting Adeline (Cat and Mouse Duet #2) by H.D Carlton.

Publication Date: August 13th, 2021 

Publisher: Unknown

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Dark

Pages: 647

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How do you say goodbye to people you love endlessly? Regardless if they are fictional characters or not. How do you let go of people you have a strong connection to but don’t know and will never meet? I have been sitting on this review for weeks, and I still feel like I’m not going to be able to express how much this book, these characters, and this author means to me.

I’m speechless. There are no words to describe just how good this book is. It’s a fucking masterpiece and I absolutely LOVED it.

I cried like a BABY (cause I am one 😃) reading this story and I’m crying AGAIN as I write this review simply because I don’t want to leave the characters.

“I don’t care if I need to set this world on fire until there’s no one left but you and me. The world will burn around us, and I’ll gladly live in chaos with you as long as the only person that is a danger to you is me.”

The story between Zade and Addie is just as heartbreaking as it is healing. After everything Addie goes through, Zade never gives up on her no matter how much she pushes him away, he continuously fights for her. And while he knows he can’t fight the demons inside her own head, the ones who haunt her from her kidnapping and everything she experienced, he does every possible thing he can to help her.

The start of this book takes place immediately where the first ended and then we are taken down a long, dark, and disturbing road filled with extremely realistic and graphic pain, suffering, and traumatic actions and experiences. I cried—multiple times—very hard.

“She holds on to me like she’s falling, but I have no interest in catching her. I will always fall with her, chasing after her even in death.”

As far as Zade & Addie, I didn’t think I could possibly love these two any more than I did in the first. Zade truly is one of my top book boyfriends and I mean I really can’t just say that about any of my book boyfriends. This man holds such a precious place in my heart, it HURTS me that he is fictional. Addie came out of this duet being one of my most treasured female characters. I personally, couldn’t be more proud of her growth. Now let’s mention the amazing Sibby. By God, I love that girl. She is something else but just like Zade & Addie, I didn’t think I could love her any more than I did before.

Even after Zade and Addie find each other again, it is no easy feat. No sunshine and daisies, no rainbows and puppies. But vast levels of nightmares, scars, constant reminders, and mental health issues. Addie goes through the wringer. But she is a survivor. She is strong and powerful and fights to be the person she once was. It’s just endless struggles to get there. But Zade is there with her, every step of the way. He willingly worships at her feet and does everything in his power to guide her towards healing.

“I may own every breath in your body, but make no mistake, Adeline, you own mine, too. I am yours to command. To bend and break. To mold and manipulate.”

This is such a bittersweet review because I am so proud of HD and couldn’t be happier with what she did with Zade and Addie’s story. But at the same time, I’m not ready to let go. I know in my heart these characters will stay with me always. Thank you, Hails, for giving us their story. Who would have thought a stalker romance would embed itself in our chests so deeply we never want it to leave? This is only the beginning for HD, I can not wait to see what she does next.

‼️This book is DARK‼️ WAY darker than the first one so PLEASE take trigger warnings seriously :). I personally don’t have triggers but there were parts that were definitely harder to read. What Addie goes through is REALISTIC and EXTREMELY TRAUMATIC. Please put your mental health FIRST!

Manga Review: Hirano to Kagiura Vol.2 by Shou Harusono.


Kagiura, who likes the plains, was wondering if his favor was love, but suddenly he realized his feelings. Two “boys’ school life” (Boys Life) comics, long-awaited spin-off, Volume 2!












Too much fluff and the art helps to create even more flowers, I’m dying out here! I love this so so much! Hirano is so freaking adorable! And yes, Kagi too! The art is just worth my nose bleeds, a 100% I wouldn’t mind dying of blood loss. I’m just happy that he finally confessed for real! But I need to know what Hirano really thinks about it! He’s on the verge of realizing his “true” feelings, and I can’t wait!!

Although, I’m having a hard time processing the whole idea of that dormitory system. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Wouldn’t it be easier to just stay? Switching is silly since it doesn’t create extra rooms. I mean, rooms will and will be filled once the new fishes apply. Switching is just more paperwork. But yea, maybe its advantage is really to avoid unnecessary fights among dormmates who do not get along. Peace is still the number 1 priority. But it felt unrealistic to me when they said it like, “You can stay (in that dorm) if your grades are good” lol, that made me laugh. So childish. But yea, so what, it’s fiction anyway. And who am I to talk, I don’t even experience dormitories in real life.

My rating: 5/5 stars.


ARC & Book Review: Praise (Salacious Players Club #1) by Sara Cate.

Synopsis: He calls me perfect.
His flawless pet.
His good girl.

Broken down and wounded by my emotionally neglectful ex, I wanted someone to tell me I was good enough.

Then, I stumbled into a new job with a boss who brings me to my knees—literally. He has me do things a real secretary would never do.

Emerson Grant tells me I’m more than just good enough.
I’m worthy of his praise.

There are a million reasons why I should stay away. The owner of the Salacious Players’ Club is not just my new boss, he’s twice my age.

And my ex-boyfriend’s father.

With him, I am treasured. I am adored. I am his.

I’m a good girl, but I’m falling for the wrong man.

Emerson Grant knows what he wants—
And he wants me.

So how far will I go to hear his approval?

Praise (Salacious Players Club #1) by Sara Cate.

Publication Date: March 17th, 2022

Publisher: Unknown

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Chick Lit

Pages: 341

Source: ARC provided by author

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THIS BOOK WAS SO FREAKING GOOD!!!! From the instant Charlie and Emerson meet, i used to be so obsessive about their dynamic. Emerson owns a club and is not shy about his specific preferences. He mistakes Charlie for a replacement sub for his office, but she’s really his son’s ex-girlfriend coming to gather a check. He decides to rent Charlie, though, as his secretary and zip more. Charlie can’t forget their encounter, though, and finds herself asking to explore that part of her sexuality with him. While the romance was SO GOOD and I loved how briskly and hard Emerson fell for Charlie, I also really loved the side plots happening. I loved Emerson’s journey toward ending his relationship with his son and I especially loved Charlie’s relationship with her mom and sister. I just loved everything about this book. Charlie had a secure place to experiment with what she enjoyed and Emerson made sure that she was consenting to everything. and that I loved the age gap! I literally loved everything about this book. I can not wait to read book 2 and more from Sara Cate!

I really enjoyed this and it mixed up a bunch of tropes I love

  • ex’s dad
  • age gap (21h, 40+ H)
  • boss/employee
  • dom/sub
  • forbidden

Book Review: Haunting Adeline (Cat and Mouse Duet #1) by H.D Carlton.

Synopsis: The Manipulator

I can manipulate the emotions of anyone who lets me.
I will make you hurt, make you cry, make you laugh and sigh.
But my words don’t affect him. Especially not when I plead for him to leave.
He’s always there, watching and waiting.
And I can never look away.
Not when I want him to come closer.

The Shadow

I didn’t mean to fall in love.
But now that I have, I can’t stay away.
I’m mesmerized by her smile, by her eyes, and the way she moves.
The way she undresses…
I’ll keep watching and waiting. Until I can make her mine.
And once she is, I’ll never let her go.
Not even when she begs me to.

Trigger Warnings: This book ends on a cliffhanger. It is a dark romance that contains graphic violence, dub/non con, and deals with subject matters such as child trafficking and human sacrifice. If you have ANY triggers at all, this may not be the story for you.

Haunting Adeline (Cat and Mouse Duet #1) by H.D Carlton

Publication Date: August 13th, 2021 

Publisher: Unknown

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Dark

Pages: 649

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First of all, let me start with H.D. Carlton’s trigger warning. I won’t even pretend to care if some of these spoil the book for you. Readers need to know what they’re getting themselves into with this one. Let me be clear: this book is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! Haunting Adeline contains graphic violence, dub/non-con, and deals with subject matters such as child trafficking, human sacrifice, and the death of children. While I firmly stand by my 5-star rating, I was absolutely disturbed for a good part of the story.

I honestly have been sitting on writing this review even though I read the book a couple weeks ago. I feel like I’m not going to be able to accurately convey how the book effected me. I also don’t like to leave crazy long reviews, cause I know I don’t like to read them so I try to keep them short and sweet and to the point.

“Let me know which stars you prefer. The ones above you, or the ones I make you see.”

I’ve never read a stalker romance before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But when a few trusted romance reviewers began raving about Haunting Adeline, my interest was piqued. I mean, even I don’t mind a twisted love story every now and then, so why not give it a try? Well, Lord, have mercy on my soul, I feel so wrong admitting it, but I needed the stalker to get the girl. Zade (hot stalker man) is both an anti-hero and a hero. (Think Dexter but times his hotness by 1000.) He personifies goodness in a way not many men ever could, but he’s also a possessive asshole with aggressive tendencies.

This is a stalker trope, and the themes in this book are dark, so be warned before you give this a go. I highly recommend reading Satan’s Affair first. It is in the same universe and that is where we first meet Zade, out MMC. I also think its important to read SA first cause some key scenes from HA are more detailed in SA. And SA is a novella so its a quick read for understanding how this universe is going to be.

“When you make someone fall in love with the darkest parts of you, there’s nothing you can do that will scare them away. They will be yours forever because they already love all the fucked up bits and pieces of you.”

Adeline (Addie) Reilly is an author living in a home called Parson’s Manor in the deep woods of Seattle having been passed down from her great grandmother to her grandmother, and now to her. This home has a deep, dark, and mysterious history. Addie is constantly running into the spirits within the home. While exploring her newly inherited home, Addie discovers something that starts her on a chase to uncover the past and its secrets. Only she isn’t aware that there is someone waiting in the shadows watching.

Zade (Z) Meadows is a wide-range and very skilled vigilante who is the founder/owner/creator of Z. A large undercover team that busts pedophiles—women and children sex trafficking rings and organizations. He came across this in his youth scrolling the dark web when he found his love for hacking. Zade notices Addie at one of her book signings and in an instant had an obsession and love form for her. From there he decided that she was his little mouse and that he was going to hunt her. That’s where his stalking begins.

“If my redemption resides somewhere within you, then I will spend the rest of my life searching for it inside of you.”

This book honestly has everything, characters that draw you in from the beginning, suspense, creepy/thriller aspects, a murder mystery, all-consuming obsessive love and passion, and the spice, holy lord don’t even get me started on the spice. I had to “self-care” a handful of times while reading this, that’s all I’ll say.

My absolute favorite part of Haunting Adeline was H.D. Carlton’s flawless writing. She creates a tale that is spooky, gothic, and atmospheric. I felt my heart racing many times, much like watching a scary movie, because of how well she crafted this story. I could easily picture Parsons Manor and Satan’s Affair (hello, American Horror Story), and don’t even get me started on Sibby and the awful night’s sleep I had after meeting her.

“if I had fallen in love with a lie, I would’ve been devastated. I just wish he wasn’t such a bad guy. But then he’d be a different man—a man you might not be able to love.”

This book is a whirlwind! I couldn’t put it down for a second. Just like Zade’s obsession with Addie—I was obsessed with this book. I absolutely love them. Their relationship is well… taboo but incredibly addicting. Not only is this romance but it is filled with a mystery story underline as well as the very disturbing topics revolving around sex trafficking. Everything is detailed, so if you are squeamish to gore, this is not a book for you. This also is very HOT in the spice department. Get ready to have your body physically heat up reading some of the smut in this.

This book and its characters spoke to me deeply. They are both dark and twisted in their own ways. And they bring out different things in each other. Zade has a very dark past and you can see as the book goes on that Adeline is making him more human, making him feel. And Zade is getting Adeline more in touch with her darker side that’s been dormant. A side that once shown, she craves.

I stalk her because I’m fucking addicted. I’m fascinated with every move she makes, every word that comes from her pretty pink mouth. And now I’m addicted to her scent, her taste, and the way she sounds when she’s scared for her life—just as much as I’m addicted to the way she sounds when she’s begging for more.

This is book one in a duet and it does end on a cliffhanger, so if you don’t like them I recommend waiting for the duet to be complete. But I absolutely can not recommend this enough and it has changed what I expect in dark romance now. This book has, for me, level up the genre. And I honestly can not wait for book two and anything HD writes!

Book Review: The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley #1) by Devney Perry.

Synopsis: One old farmhouse brought them together. It could also tear them apart.

Gigi has just uprooted her whole world to start a new life. The unexpected gift of a farmhouse in small-town Montana is just what she and her daughter need to escape big-city loneliness. The last thing she needs is attitude from the town’s sheriff, the most perfectly attractive and ruggedly handsome man she’s ever laid eyes on–and a complete jerk.

Jess knows all about women like Gigi. Beautiful. Sexy. Scheming. She’s stolen his sanctuary, the farmhouse that should have been his. But along with a face full of freckles, she’s got a sharp wit and a backbone of steel–something he doesn’t discover until after making a complete fool of himself. If he can earn back her trust and win her heart, he might just find the home he’s always needed.

The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley #1) by Devney Perry.

Publication Date: March 28th, 2017

Publisher: Everafter Romance

Genre: Romance, Adult

Pages: 374

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The Coppersmith Farmhouse is the first book in the Jamison Valley series and I think the debut novel of Devney Perry. I might be wrong but it is the second book series I read from this author. Can we stop for 5 seconds and look at that cover? It is gorgeous! I love the color, the text, everything, I can’t wait to see the covers for the next books.

This is the story of Georgia and Jess. Georgia is the mother of 4 years old Rowen. She is a strong woman, life wasn’t easy on her so she tends to guard her heart for her and her daughter’s sake. She is a nurse and one day she met Ben. He is an injured old man and became a quick friend. Unfortunately, one day, Ben died and left to Georgia a farmhouse in Jamison to live with her daughter. He didn’t want her to stay in a city where all she had left was gravestones. So she packed and took the journey with her daughter to Jamison. It’s in Jamison that she will meet the hot Sheriff Jess.

“You don’t get to order me around and make the decision we’re dating without my agreement. That’s absurd. It doesn’t work like that.”
“It does. And we are. Exclusively, Georgia,” he said, glancing over at me as he stressed his last point.”

We said that first impressions are important. Well, Jess ‘ ones weren’t very good. We were a jerk at the beginning but turned very quickly into that protective, possessive, alpha male that we love. In his defense, I kind of understand why he wasn’t the nicest at the beginning.

I really like this story but as much as I like it, some things didn’t do it for me. One, Jess 180. It was like, Jess is a jerk and two pages later he was this gentle, protective male. Way too fast for me, it happened something like in the first 50 pages. The second was Georgia’s insecurities with Jess and the farmhouse. I understand the first time, but it happened three times I guess through the book and it was a little annoying. And finally, the little thing I didn’t like was that too many things happened in the last 5 chapters. It would have been nice and maybe more entertaining if some of the actions happened in the previous chapters.

“He’s like a prince from my movies. Can Jess be your boyfriend, Mommy?”

Now onto the things I really loved. First, Rowen. She was a ray of sunshine. I just loved this 4 years old little girl. She was the cutest thing ever. I have a thing for books with single moms or single dads. I just found these stories so lovely. The second thing was the ending. Loved the epilogue, it was so nice to see their life 20 months later but also to see Maisy. And finally, the secondary characters were awesome. I loved Nick, Silas, Maisy, and Milo. I do hope we will have a book about Maisy (I want her to have a HEA) and also about Milo and his nurse girlfriend.

I will definitely read the second book, The Clover Chapel, about Nick (the fireman), and the third book, The Lucky Heart, about Silas and Felicity. I hope that the cover is as gorgeous as The Coppersmith Farmhouse.

“I’ve got you, baby. I swear you’re safe with me.”

Let’s rate this book. Like I said it was a really good book. I was in a kinda reading slump, I started a lot of books but I couldn’t read more than 4 chapters but I did finish and really enjoy The Coppersmith Farmhouse so yeah. Will definitely buy a copy of this book to put on my shelf.

Manga Review: Hirano to Kagiura Vol.1 by Shou Harusono.


Hirano, a blonde and a disciplinary committee member, is a junior and Kagiura of the basketball club.
Half a year after becoming a roommate,
On a school trip in the plains, the two of them will spend their time in a remote place for the first time in a long time …?
Two “Boys Life” comics, long-awaited spin-off, Volume 1!








Ah, dormmates, kouhai and senpai.

This is so wholesome! I’m totally in love! I like that Kagi is so open to his friend about being in love with his senpai, Hirano. Although, his friend Niibashi, may have been misunderstanding him at first, thinking it was only admiration. But I think Niibashi gets it when Kagi announced that he wished to marry Hirano. And for what reason? SO THAT NO ONE CAN HAVE HIM! Oh, my poor heart can’t take it. I want to scream!!!

And don’t even talk to me about Kagi and Hirano’s pure relationship. It’s beyond friendship, but you can’t say romantic tho. It’s refreshing. Ah, I like it! And the art is swoon-worthy too. I’m tired of saying 100% but, I felt the need to say it when I genuinely believe that the art is really good. Ah, thanks Shou. I enjoyed it! Gosh, this is why I love shounen-ai. It’s freaking wholesome and just right in all angles. I’m looking forward to Kagi’s proper confession in the next volume tho! Nosebleeds.

My rating: 5/5 stars.


Character of the Month #16: Casteel Da’Neer.

Note: This post contains spoilers from the From Blood and Ash series.

King Casteel Da’Neer (pronounced: Ca-steel Da-near) is the former prince and now current ruler of Atlantia.

Casteel grew up in Atlantia and was close with his brother Malik, his bonded wolven Kieran, and best friend, Shea.

When Casteel grew older, he thought he could kill Queen Ileana and King Jalara by himself; he was taken by the Ascended where he was tortured for five decades. Shea, Malik, and Malik’s wolven attempted to save multiple times. One day, the Ascended acted as if they knew that a rescue attempt would be made by the rightful heir to the Atlantian Kingdom, Malik, and gave Malik and Shea an opening to free Casteel. When the group was ambushed by Atlantians, Malik put up a strong fight giving Shea the opportunity to drag Casteel from the dungeons to the tunnels. While they were making their way through the tunnels, two Ascended appeared and a fight ensued.

When posing as Hawke, Casteel has an easy-going character with a teasing nature. He seems to be someone who is easy to get along with and to talk to, making him more likable. Still, he can be serious when he wants to be; this happens when he poses a Royal Guard, where he is protective of Poppy. Casteel’s personality is similar to that of Hawke, but where Hawke is soft and kind, Casteel is extraordinarily cunning, teasing and devious, solidfiying his nickname as The Dark One. As a prince, Casteel exudes charm and grace but on the same hand assertiveness. He will go all the lengths to remind people of his power and respect towards him through both brutal words or actions, such as killing to prove a point. He can be deadly when he is The Dark One, but he does not enjoy the killings, but knows them to be a necessity.

Who Is Casteel Da’Neer?

  • The name Hawke is an abbreviation of his middle name Hawkethrone – a name given to him by his mother and known to not even a handful of people outside his family.
  • He has dark, thick hair that curls at the nape of his neck and often falls forward, brushing equally dark brows.
  • His cheekbones are high and wide, his nose surprisingly straight for a guard.
  • His square jaw is firm, and his mouth well-formed. 
  • When he smiles, the right side of his lip curves up, and a deep dimple appears.
  • Sometimes, dimples appear on both cheeks when he is freely smiling and able to show his fangs.
  • He is also mentioned multiple times, to be very tall, roughly larger than six feet.
  • He possesses captivating eyes which are a pool of gold and honey. 
  • He smells of cinnamon, dark spices, and pine.
  • Married to Poppy Balfour.

“With my sword and with my life, I vow to keep you safe, Penellaphe,” he spoke, voice deep and smooth, reminding me of rich, decadent chocolate. “From this moment until the last moment, I am yours.”

From Blood and Ash

“You’re such a bad influence,” I murmured as I placed my hand in his.
Hawke curled his fingers around mine. The weight and warmth of his hand was a pleasant shock. “Only the bad can be influenced, Princess.

From Blood and Ash

“The next time you go out, wear better shoes and thicker clothing. Those slippers are likely to be the death of you, and that dress… the death of me”

From Blood and Ash

“Promise me you won’t forget this, Poppy. That no matter what happens tomorrow, the next day, next week, you won’t forget this, forget that this was real”

From Blood and Ash

ARC Review: River of Ashes by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor.


ALONG THE BANKS OF THE BOGUE FALAYA RIVER, sits the abandoned St. Francis Seminary. Beneath a canopy of oaks, blocked from prying eyes, the teens of St. Benedict High gather here on Fridays. The rest of the week belongs to school and family—but weekends belong to the river.

And the river belongs to Beau Devereaux.

The only child of a powerful family, Beau can do no wrong. Star quarterback. Handsome. Charming. The “prince” of St. Benedict is the ultimate catch.

He is also a psychopath.

A dirty family secret buried for years, Beau’s evil grows unchecked. In the shadows of the haunted abbey, he commits unspeakable acts on his victims and ensures their silence with threats and intimidation. Senior year, Beau sets his sights on his girlfriend’s headstrong twin sister, Leslie, who hates him. Everything he wants but cannot have, she will be his ultimate prize.

As the victim toll mounts, it becomes clear that someone must stop Beau Devereaux.

And that someone will pay with their life.

Publisher: Vesuvian Books

Publication Date: August 2nd 2022

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Source: ARC provided by author


The main character in this book is a whacked-out Beau Devereaux. This book takes bullying to a whole new level. He’s rich and thinks he is entitled to whatever he wants. Much of the story is told from his pov so you really get an idea of just what’s going on in his head.
The river and the Abbey play a large role in the background throughout the story.
Leslie is one of the only people who see what lurks behind the Golden Boy Persona. It’s come between her and her twin.
It was spot on with the way it addressed social issues that are so relevant right now like bullying and sexual harassment, which was portrayed in such a harrowing way. I feel like I connected with the characters, whether that was through love or hate (both, it was both), and the antagonist Beau made me want to rip my hair out constantly.
This book involves violence, rape, and bullying. Reading Beau’s POV was difficult but also interesting. I could see what the men like him have in mind. He truly deserved what happened at the end of the story.
I did feel the last few chapters were a bit rushed, but still thoroughly enjoyed the twist ending. Also, the fact that there is a sequel is exciting! I look forward to reading it and diving more into the world of the Devereaux.

My rating: 4.5/5 stars.