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Manga Review: Lovesick Ellie, Vol.5 by Fujimomo.

Synopsis: Eriko “Ellie” Ichimura finally confesses her feelings to Akira Ohmi, and their feelings are reciprocated at last. A romantic Christmas awaits… or, it did, but Ellie fails one of her finals, forcing her to attend remedial classes. Their holiday plans in jeopardy, Ellie sinks into despair, but with Shiota-sensei’s encouragement, she charges into Omi-kun on Christmas day… in costume! Presenting Volume 5 of a plain pervert’s curious romance!








OMG! This volume was so fun and I had the best time reading it! I loved Ellie-chan’s dad’s reaction to catching her and Omi-kun kissing it was the best! I was screaming. I loved watching them interact and navigate their relationship while meeting each other’s parents. And that ending!!! When Omi-kun practically freaking proposed!!!! I was just like Ellie-chan at that moment.

My rating: 5/5 stars



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