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COVER and BLURB REVEAL! Fall Hard (Sun City #2) by Jade Church.

Are you ready to Fall Hard?๐Ÿ‘€

It’s finally time to share with you all the finalized cover and blurb for Fall Hard, the second standalone novel in the Sun City series

Title: Fall Hard (Sun City #2)

Genre: Sapphic college romance

Release date: March 3rd

Where to buy: Kindle Unlimited/Amazon, paperbacks and hardbacks will be available shortly after release day

Blurb: Falling in love with your best friend sucksโ€”especially when they donโ€™t love you back.

Liv needs help, and Bryn is determined to give it to her. After a night out ends in a whole lot of embarrassment for Liv, she is faced with the fact that she might need some assistance in getting over her best friend and roommate, Jamie.

When Bryn is forced to temporarily move in with Jamie and Liv, a night of drinking results in a possibly disastrous deal: All of Livโ€™s decisions are now in Brynโ€™s hands. The goal? Operation fall-out-of-love. 

But when sparks start to fly between the two women, they have to wonder if maybe their plan worked a little too well.

After all, nothing hurts like love.


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