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Love Unexpected by Q.B. Tyler


I’d only wanted one kiss.

One kiss, under the dark of night, in a city where no one knew us.

One kiss fueled by my hormones and alcohol and the blinding grief over losing my mother.

One kiss from the man I told myself was untouchable.

But, it didn’t stop at one kiss.

And now we are running full speed down a road with no intention of stopping.

His touch disarms me.
His kiss revives me.
But, our love, could destroy me.



Love Unexpected by Q.B Tyler

Publication Date: August 12th, 2020

Publisher: Unknown

Genre: Adult, Romance, Taboo

Pages: 292

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Here is what you can expect: ⠀
– Forbidden Romance/Taboo⠀
– Age Gap ⠀
– Stepfather/Stepdaughter ⠀
– Enemies to lovers⠀
– Interracial Couple

Love is never meant to be this complicated. Except when all the odds are stacked against you, and you’re forced to go against the grain. And fair warning, Love Unexpected will make even the biggest kinkster uncomfortable. But I guess that’s why some scenarios a dubbed taboo.

I think you are so beautiful, Stassi. So fucking beautiful sometimes it hurts to look at you and know that you’re you. Someone I can’t ever have.

Stassia was 10 years old when her mother married Dominic. Not only does he become her stepfather, but he is also the principal at her school. Cue the awkwardness. When tragedy strikes, the man she has kept at arm’s length will become her everything. As Stassia and Dominic navigate a new phase in their life, they opt to weather it together.

As they settle into a new routine, the animosity between them begins to settle. Dominic stops viewing Stassia as a child, and she in turn begins looking to him for guidance and comfort. However, when solace turns into attraction, the lines of right and wrong become blurred and questionable.

I’m playing with fire. Actually, fuck playing. I’ve taken residence in hell and Satan has been whispering in my ear all night about how fucking sinful Stassia looks.

Wrong, wrong, wrong! There is no turning back from this hot mess. Because one kiss will never be enough with an attraction as tangible as there’s. How can attraction blossom into love with a man who is your stepfather and twice your age? And how can their relationship be deemed acceptable if they choose to pursue it? (Which of course they do!)

When you pick up a book by QB Tyler you are guaranteed to enjoy the heck out of it. This author writes some of the hottest, filthiest, and naughtiest tales you’ll ever read. BUT, in my opinion, I would have preferred for the relationship of Dominic and Stassia to have played out differently. The ending was right, but their beginning needed more time. Time for mourning, time for new beginnings.

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