City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6 ) by Cassandra Clare Review.


Publisher: Walker

Publication Date: 27th May 2014

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Source: Amazon


I have finally finished The Mortal Instruments ahh!!!! & THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE IN THE SERIES!  THOSE LAST 100 PAGES. WOW. I adored them. I was so invested in the edge of my seat (not actually, I was in bed lol) and felt so many emotions. I just love how Cassandra Clare wrapped everything up. There were so many epic battles, with love stories around every corner, and we even got quite a steamy scene with Jace and Clary, thank you, my queen, Cassandra Clare, you’ve answered our prayers!! I read this book in barely 5 days, I didn’t read much on the second day, and I just freaking zoomed through the entire Mortal Instruments series, literally.

Before I start talking about the characters, can we talk about how irritating the Clave is, and the shadow hunters. They’re scared and just trying to save their asses, but that’s going to get them killed. There’s been so many war’s already, this should be a lesson, you guys.

In the beginning, we get a look at Emma Carstairs’s life as she is in the Los Angeles Institute with the Blackthorns, and how the endarkened started to take over. I am still not sure how I feel about  Emma and Julian Blackthorn, and I can’t wait to know more about them in Lady Midnight, which I think is set 5 years after how this book ended.

I have conflicted emotions toward Sebastian/Jonathan. I applaud Cassandra Clare, for creating Sebastian/Jonathan, she did an amazing job building his character up. He’s an amazing villain, and he certainly does a great job at being evil, what with all of his demon blood running through his veins, but I just couldn’t get over his violence and intimate need for Clary. I feel for the boy who didn’t want to be alone, and could only see his sister beside him as he ruled wherever and watched the world burn together, but I don’t understand why he felt the need to kiss her and touch her. Of course, He didn’t understand the concept of love, or emotions. I was a mess, Sebastian was just picking at my nerves, his intentions with Clary agitated me so much, but then I felt myself pitying him. He thought she could grow to love him, he really thought she could. He had this vision in his head, and he never let anyone else harm her, he kept saying she belonged to him. It makes me want to cry and both lash out. I did tear up when Sebastian died and the Ghost of Jonathan, I suppose, was there. Clary and Jocelyn finally got to see their Brother/Son, how he could’ve been, and he helped them make things right. Cassandra, why do you do this? Why do you make us feel these feelings for such a torturous and broken villain boy that’s done nothing but kill? Over everything though, I ache even more for the boy with green eyes who never was, Jonathan.

Jace, my beautiful Herondale! He’s bringing the Herondale name back to being good and worthy, and beautiful. I just wanted to scoop him up and tell him everything would be alright, he would fight until his last breath, as heroes do!

I was surprised that Clary didn’t annoy me in this book, at all. Her character has grown and developed into a strong independent and fierce young woman, and i’m so proud! She’s been strong and brave, and stubborn, and she’s shedding the evil from the Morgenstern name, with her friends by her side.

I didn’t really give Raphael’s character any thought until this book, I really grew to appreciate his character in a short moment, he was a brave little vampire.
Alec! Oh, my beautiful little archer boy. He literally went through the ends of hell to get his magic boyfriend, if that’s not love, dammit, tell me what it?  He’s been growing on me since City of Glass, and I’ve just come to love him so much. His relationship with his parabatai just gets better and better within each book. They have each others’ back, and they understand each other. I love that Jace and Alec finally had a heart-to-heart in this book, God, they needed one!

Isabelle, my warrior princess! She is always fierce and always standing, never giving up, and always trying to keep a brave face on, protecting those she loves. I bow to you, Izzy, for standing up and telling Robert off, he deserved in, and for opening her heart up.
Simon, oh, Simon. He’s always been a great character to the book, I liked him since City of Bones. He was just the right touch of nerdy and still managed to keep his band, even when he was a Daylighter. We got some cute Sizzy moments, and we watched as they grew closer and fonder, and finally said the three words to make every fangirl squeal. I seriously cried and whined when that thing happened, but my sweet Magnus interfered again and helped his boyfriend’s sister and friends get their friend back, if not completely, then slowly. 

We learn so much about Magnus in this book too. Like who his father is. Holy crap was I NOT expecting that. Plus, we get an average of how old he is. I just was a blubbery mess with all of the Malec scenes, they’re my precious OTP and I’m glad things worked for them in the end. I just wished we got some steamy scenes from people other than Clare and Jace.

I don’t really like Maia, I find her pretty annoyed sorry if it’s unpopular opinion according to you. I just didn’t like her from the beginning and when Cassie decided to include a prospective in the books by her I wasn’t enjoying reading from her.

WE GET CHARACTERS RETURNED FROM THE PAST, CAN YOU FEEL MY EXCITEMENT! If you’ve read The Infernal Devices, then you know WHO I’m talking about. They left for Los Angeles, so hopefully, we get to see them in The Dark Artifices, too. Also, Brother Zachariah! If you’ve read TMI and TID then you know why this is mentioned, why his character is so dear to me. But Will Herondale will forever be in my heart ❤️

That’s about it. This is such a hurricane review, everything is scattered and emotions are just everywhere but hopefully, you enjoyed this, or understood my feels and can relate!

My rating is 5/5 stars.


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