Lair of Dreams (Diviners #2) by Libba Bray Review.

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Publisher:  Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: 25th August 2015

Genre: Historical Fiction, Paranormal

Source: Amazon

What an amazing sequel, Libba Bra has changed my reading and she set my ar very high for other books. I listened on audiobook and I can’t imagine consuming this story any other way – the narrator is fantastic and I love all of the voices for each of the characters! Hearing the 1920’s accents really solidifies the setting for me, and I find each character’s voice really matches their personality. But at the last 100 pages, I didn’t have time to listen so I read it physically.

Everything started, That night those men dream of the music box and its song and are lost to their dreams. This series has some of the most creepy jingles.
“Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me / Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee…”
Evie is now a fairly popular radio personality known as the Sweetheart Seer. She divines for people by reading their objects that they bring to the station. But in my opinion, she loves it a little too much, she totally blows off all her friends just for a few pictures.
Henry walks in dreams, searching for Louis. He sees Ling Chan in one of them and goes to find her in real life. Ling agrees to help him try to find Louis, and they plan to meet up in a dream that night. At first, the dreams are enjoyable, but then they take on a nightmarish feel. It’s as if the dreams have a mind of their own. The dream asks him to promise. Finally, he does. After, no one can wake him. The Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult have fallen on hard times again. Sam is trying to find a way to keep it open. He doesn’t want it to become repossessed until he has had a chance to search for anything on the Buffalo Project of which his missing mother was a part. Will and Evie are on the outs. Jericho is still infatuated with Evie who continually blows him off after their kiss at the end of book one. But Evie misses him as well but won’t come out and say it.
Two unknown men are watching Sam.
Blind Bill now lives with Memphis and Isiah. Memphis doesn’t know that it was Bill that stole his power and made Isiah sick. Memphis healed Isiah, and now Bill is trying to find out if it was Memphis that did it so that he can take his power instead.
Henry finally finds Louis in a dream with Ling’s help. They seem to be stronger when they are together. Every time they enter the dream world, they see a ghostly veiled woman who runs by screaming “murder.” In this world, Ling meets another dream walker, Wai-Mae. In the real world, Wai-Mae is on a ship on her way to America to get married. This girl shows Ling that she can change a dream.
Sam tells a reporter as a joke that he and Evie are engaged. Evie’s producer loves the idea, and Evie is afraid she will lose her job if they don’t play along for a while. Sam agrees to go along if Evie helps him as he researches the Buffalo Project. Evie and Sam don’t tell anyone that it’s not really true. Jericho is devastated but still has to work with Sam. Sam and Jericho open the old cellar of the museum and find crates of things that they search through for something to use in their new Diviners exhibit.
Memphis and Theta continue to see each other, but Theta is finding it difficult to hide her fire ability because it comes on her at unexpected times.
Sam and Evie are starting to become interested in each other through all of their fabricated romance. And that has made so happy, I wish we had a little bit more, not enough to overthrow the plot and the rest of the characters but a little more.
Blind Bill steals more of Isiah’s power and tries to get the boy to tell him the numbers that will make him a winner. Strange creatures are in the tunnels under New York City, both in the dream world and the real world. People are disappearing. Many of the people who have fallen to the sleeping sickness have seen the veiled ghost woman.
Theta and Henry’s relationship continues to suffer as Henry spends too much time in the dream world and can’t stay awake or concentrate when he is awake, especially at rehearsal.
Will finds more and more reports of the ghostly gray man in the stovepipe hat.
Henry sees the veiled ghost woman in one of this dream walks. She asks him to dream with her just before his alarm goes off.
Ling believes that the veiled ghost woman has unfinished business in the long-forgotten subway tunnel. The man with the stovepipe hat tricks Ms. Proctor into breaking the spell that was binding Elijah.
As Evie and Sam are interviewed, a soldier tries to shoot Evie. Sam uses his gift to confuse the gunman letting everyone know that he is also a Diviner. They kiss. (OMG! ❤️❤️❤️).
Wai-Mae tricks Henry into promising to dream with her in exchange for going to Louis. After that, Theta and Memphis find Henry in the real world, and he now has the sleeping sickness and cannot wake up. And it was so stressful because i as so afraid that Libba Bray might kill Henry and I couldn’t handle that. Henry has become one of my favorite characters. Ling decides to attempt to go back into the dream world to save Henry. Back in the real world, the others cannot wake Ling or Henry. Memphis, Theta, Evie, and Sam set out to enter the subways where they believe Wai-Mae was killed many years before. Jericho and Mabel are left to watch over Ling and Henry as they sleep.

My rating is 5/5 stars.


“For dreams, too, are ghosts, desires chased in sleep, gone by morning. The longing of dreams draws the dead, and this city holds many dreams.”
― Libba Bray, Lair of Dreams

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