Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco Review.


Publisher: Jimmy Paterson

Publication Date: 10th September 2019

Genre: Historical Fiction

Source: Amazon


This book was EVERYTHING! I was really looking forward to this final book and of course, I had my assumptions on how the story will be developt but this book exceeded my expectations and more. For starters, the wedding. I thought that while they were planning the wedding a new mystery will need their attention. But that which I couldn’t imagine happening actually happened. A girl, showed up out of nowhere with a piece of paper signed by Thomas (accidentally) and claimed to be engaged with him before Audrey Rose and that happened at the first 100 pages. I mead WHAT?!!! After Thomas found out that his father had arranged the whole thing because he wanted him to marry for money. But Thomas wouldn’t let that happen because Audrey Rose was everything to him. Moving on, the night before the wedding Audrey Rose and Thomas FINALLY ‘consummated’ their relationship and it was amazing. Kerri Maniscalco is such a gifted writer with so much talent. The mystery was also, very good. I loved the H.H Holmes theme. I kinda figure it out but that’s only because I watch too many cop tv shows. (hahaha). That doesn’t mean she didn’t do a fantastic job. When the killer captured Audrey Rose and held her in his basement, I couldn’t breathe from the worry and the agony for her. I knew she wasn’t going to die because she is the protagonist, her and Thomas. When she managed to escape and Thomas finds her, and he is shouting her name from fear that something might have happened to her and they embraced. That was everything! And when Thomas tells her that her grandma talked to the Queen and she gave her blessing to their union and that finally stopped Thoma’s father. And finally, we had a wedding, where they exchanged their vows which were too advanced for the time which made them even better. What Thomas said to Audrey Rose has stayed with me.

“Beyond life, beyond death, my love for thee is eternal.”
― Kerri Maniscalco, Capturing the Devil

My rating is 5/5 stars.


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