Crooked Kingdom ( Six of Crows #2 ) by Leigh Bardugo Review.


Publisher: Orion Children’s Books

Publication Date: 27th September 2016

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Source: Amazon


These books were everything! Leigh Bardugo’s writing is phenomenal! I loved all the characters especially Kaz and Inej. The storyline was full of surprises. I loved how Kaz at the end outsmarted everyone even the council. I was kinda disappointed that we didn’t have a kiss of Kaz and Inej or even a hug. Wylan and Jesper have such a fun dynamic, it’s amazing. I didn’t like Matthias at first that is no secret but by the second half of this book I started to understand him, I even cried when he died. Nina was also everything and her friendship with Inej was so funny. JUST PERFECTION.

My rating is 5\5 stars.


Kaz and Inej Scene:

“She felt his knuckles slide against hers. Then his hand was in her hand, his palm was pressed against her own. A tremor moved through him. Slowly, he let their fingers entwine. For a long while, they stood there, hands clasped, looking out at the gray expanse of the sea.”

P.S The photo isn’t mine.

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