Supernatural Is Ending.


When i saw the video at first i kinda expected that announcement, about the end but what i didn’t expect was that the end would be the next season. I can’t believe that after season 15 Supernatural will be over.These news have shattered my heart.I can’t stop crying.I started this show pretty late, when season 10 was about to air but that doesn’t change the fact that i feel like i have been here since day one.Supernatural has been a constant thing in my life and it has helped me grow as a person.Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make friends because I’m from Greece and there aren’t many people watching the show here.So, I have no one to share my pain.I feel like someone has died and it has taken a part of me with him.My only regret is that I will never get to meet them in person and tell them how much they have ment to me.Finally, I wanted to Thank the Supernatural cast and separate Jensen,Jared and Misha, the crew and the network for 15 year of family. #SPNFamily #AKF

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